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Brunch Ideas – How to set up a Quick and Easy Coffee Bar at Home

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At Home Coffee Bar & Brunch Ideas for National Coffee Day

To celebrate National Coffee Day, taking place this Saturday, September 29, I used this small buffet to create a coffee bar at home. At my house, we love coffee shop coffee but love skipping the line and saving time by brewing our coffee at home. Check out how I created a perfect little coffee bar with Folgers® coffee in honor of this fun holiday!

You can place a table runner over the top of the table if you’d like. I used a buffalo plaid color to go with my farmhouse look. There’s no need to purchase decor, just shop your home for a few items that complement the look that you’re going for. When stocking the coffee bar, we treat ourselves with a variety of add-ins. These tasty additions in your cup are perfect for National Coffee Day (or any day)! Making a coffeehouse worthy cup of coffee is quick and easy with Folgers, I keep a few key ingredients in the fridge and pantry so I can indulge. You can also treat your guests to a fab cup of coffee!

Coffee and coffee bar idea - Folgers coffee - ninja coffee maker perfect for brunch


Pantry Items

  • Coffee (We love the Folgers® Black Silk Coffee).
  • Sugar or Brown Sugar
  • Syrup
  • Stir sticks or spoons
  • Straws

Cold Food Items

  • Milk/Almond Milk
  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Vanilla Ice Cream


When preparing for brunch, spread your food out buffet style on the table next to the coffee bar. It makes for a very informal gathering; your guest will appreciate the casual at home touches.

Full coffee bar food and drinks


  • Coffee – Folgers® Black Silk Coffee (Black or with the add-ins listed below)
  • Variety of Fresh Fruit
  • Pancakes
  • Donuts
  • Biscotti

Keep it simple, they’re really here just for the coffee, after all it is National Coffee Day.

Coffee bar food ideas that make having a brunch at home easy.

Folgers coffee

I didn’t go to any trouble preparing a bunch of food, most of it I picked up at the grocery store. Barry is our in-house pancake maker and he says butter is his secret ingredient. We all love his pancakes!

Pancakes for National Coffee day

Pancakes for breakfast coffee bar

Coffee and pancakes for National Coffee Day

Easy coffee add in flavors on coffee bar

Whether you like speciality coffees or prefer it black, like Barry, we have you covered with these simple ideas.

SIMPLE COFFEE IDEAS – mix each ingredient as listed in order to create these coffees.


Coffee ice cubes

2 T vanilla syrup

1/2 c frothy milk


1/2 cup strong coffee (such as Folgers® Black Silk)

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

2 T milk or soy milk


1/2 cup coffee

2 T caramel sauce

2T brown sugar

1/2 cup milk/almond milk/half & half (I use any of these that I have on hand)


2 T chocolate syrup (or more to taste)

2T sugar

1/2 cup hot coffee

1/2 cup of frothy whipping cream

Coffee bar food and fun ideas

TIP: Freeze extra coffee, the cubes are perfect for iced coffee.

Freeze coffee cubes for iced coffee - doesn't dilute the flavor

Coffee donuts pancakes and fruit bar

You could keep it simple, just serve coffee and donuts or add any of your favorite food items.

Coffee bar with donuts

Folgers black silk coffee bar idea

Getting together with family and friends is fun, I hope I’ve inspired you with a few ideas for a coffee bar buffet to celebrate National Coffee Day.

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    1. Your coffee bar and brunch ideas are lovely. Makes me hungry!
      I especially love your Farmhouse chalkboard. Can I ask if you
      stenciled it yourself, and if so where you purchased the stencil?
      Happy Fall!


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