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Coffeehouse Coffee at Home

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Coffeehouse Coffee at Home

Coffee has always been a big part of my life, so many of my memories are wrapped around brewing a pot of coffee. We’d gather in the kitchen and I’d watched carefully while 6-8 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee was scooped, in no time the whole house would be filled with it’s heavenly scent. There’s something so inviting about the smell of coffee brewing. I think it’s one of the reasons we’ve missed brewing a pot instead of a cup. Thanks to BUNN we welcomed this coffeemaker in to our home with open arms.

BUNN pro style coffee brewer for coffee house coffee at home

We all have our favorite blends. Barry and Jessica like their coffee, strong and black. Justin likes his whipped with un-salted butter and coconut oil (I like it like this too!), Jenni likes her creamer with a little coffee and for the special occasions I love to set up the coffee bar with milk chocolate chips, caramel sauce and real whipped cream. We’ve discovered our inner barista, making the perfect cup of coffee at home!

Coffee House Coffee at Home

We’re approaching the big coffee season, fall and winter. Family visiting and all the entertaining, can I just say it’s the perfect time for the Bunn coffee maker to shine. It’s curvy shape and drip free carafe make a beautiful statement at the coffee bar. The BUNN’s unique Heat & Release Technology™, measures the ideal water brewing temperature and then water flows evenly over the grounds fully extracting the aroma and taste just like the coffeehouse! In fact the BUNN’s unique brewing process has qualified it to meet the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) professional standards! Only 10 coffeemakers have received this distinction. It’s available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma, in-store and online. Find your inner barista and enjoy a perfect smooth cup of coffee at home.

No drip spout - perfectly brewed coffee at home with all the fixings at the coffee bar

There’s nothing better than spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee and making memories. Well the only thing better is adding a sweet treat to enjoy with the coffee!

Milk chocolate chips with real cream whipped topping drizzled with caramel sauce

Easy Milk Chocolate – Caramel Coffee

  • cup of hot coffee (filled 3/4 full)

  • 2 T milk chocolate chips

  • 2 T caramel sauce

  • Add real cream whipped topping – over the top

  • Drizzle the top with caramel sauce and a few milk chocolate chips

  • Stir and enjoy!


Set up your coffee bar with a few of your favorite toppings, let your guest serve themselves. Sit around until the pot is empty, enjoying coffeehouse flavors at home 🙂





Here’s to friends, family, coffee at home and licking the caramel off the cup and your fingers!





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  1. We switched to a Nespresso a few years ago and love it but I do miss waking up to the smell of brewing coffee and the ritual of sitting around on a lazy morning sipping from the pot.


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