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Creative Space Organizing

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Hello friends, Happy New Year! Are you ready to clean up your act? It’s time for our Creative Space Organizing Challenge. You can join in, just snap a photo of your before space. This challenge is to encourage, inspire and light a fire under my our tails. Yes, I know we do this every year and that’s ok! Join my blogging friends and I, you know you want to see our messy spaces! There will be prizes at the end of the challenge, good stuff! Photo at the bottom of the post. Link up your before photo, if you need help just leave me a comment or email me.

Clean up your space reorganization

For this challenge I will be working on my office and my craft storage area, it’s located in the garage. The garage is another bear of a project that I will not be touching this go-round. (My husband is a little sad about that decision.)

A few tips before I show you the ugly truth, – big grin.

My plan for week 1:

  • Put on my comfy shoes and yoga pants, you might say that’s how I dress every day lol
  • Set aside designated time, a day, hours or whatever it takes. I won’t schedule anything else when I tackle the purge.
  • Gather supplies.
  • Make quick decisions and stick with them. Keep-Toss-Donate or Sell
  • Keep moving!


  1. Boxes and large garbage bags- Mark each with Keep, Toss or Donate/Sell
  2. Markers
  3. Donation forms
  4. Scissors/Utility knife
  5. Large bottle of water, coffee or wine. (No not wine, it will make you sleepy and you will convince yourself that everything looks fine just the way it is.)

Ok, that’s it! Let’s do this! Power through the clutter, use it or get rid of it!

I created this donation list and you can print it off and attach it to a clip board. As you fill up your box or bag, go ahead and write it down. Click here to download and print off at home: Donation Sheet for Decluttering 

I used it here when I cleaned up my act, in my closet: Closet organizing miracle 😉

Closet organizing donation form

My Office:

This is where I blog. These photos are real, I took them yesterday. It is a drop zone, for anything I don’t want to put up or I think I may need in the next few days, which turns in to weeks and months. This is what happens when you don’t have a place for something, it ends up anywhere.

Right side of the office before

Messy home office

I also store extra furniture, boxes, props and pillows here.Office before project desk side

I tried to fancy it up by hanging a mirror.

Garage Craft Storage Area:

This is not how I want you to think of me, hahaha, but know that I’m not perfect and obviously not organized. You’re not alone, in fact, I am worse than you. I hope we can help each other out with this challenge. Only creative blogger type people understand this, hehehehe.

storage shelves in the garage before

That is not a roll of toilet paper, that’s a roll of large stickers that I will probably never use. They need to be donated!

garage supply room before

I have some pretty awesome stuff here but God only knows what! I sure don’t!
Final reveal post on January 30 at 8 am EST

Go visit these blogger spaces in need of Creative Space Organizing:

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Create & Babble: Clean UP Your Act Creative Space Reorganization

The Kim Six Fix: Clean Up Your Act Reorganization 

H2O Bungalow: Clean Act Reorganization Challenge


Feel better now? I don’t yet but I will!!

Here’s how you can join in. Take a photo of a space in your home that needs to be cleaned up and reorganized and submit it to the linky party at the bottom of this post. This photo needs to be a “before” photo. Don’t worry – no judging! We’re all going to be keeping it real! Now go clean up your space during the month of January. Follow along as we provide weekly updates on our spaces. Then on January 30, we will all reveal our cleaned up and organized creative spaces, and we want to see yours as well! You will have until Noon EST on February 3 to submit a photo of your cleaned up and organized space.
If you have difficulty sharing your picture I’ll be happy to help.


We will also have random drawing prizes that include two $50 Amazon Gift Cards, a customized hammer by My Repurposed Life, an original snarky design tee shirt by The Kim Six Fix, a handmade keyfob and cosmetic bag by Create & Babble, and a printed planner from Refresh Restyle.

Prize Package for Cleaning UP your ACT
*WINNERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER AND RESIDE IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. Both a “before” and “after” photo must be submitted to be entered.

    22 thoughts on “Creative Space Organizing”

    1. Thank you for being real and transparent.
      My craft area is in need of help as well. I’m thinking with you and other like minded ladies as support we can do this!!!
      I’m not sure how to upload a photo though. I’ll reread the article and see if the directions are in it.

    2. Oh wow I would love to get in on this challenge but with so much on my plate with a husband at home in hospice and an 81 yr old mother … I start and then get so sidetracked but if I do not get too I wish all the best of luck

    3. I knew I liked your blog: now, I just know why–YOUR AN AUBURN FAN! WAR EAGLE! I really need to start this challenge. We moved in mid-November and all the walls need painted, I need to decide where to hang what, closets need to be organized (kids all threw their boxes in closets and now clothes are spilling everywhere!), it’s chaos. AND I’m trying to get school work and paperwork organized and done. Good thing football season will be over on the 8th. 😉

    4. I m so feeling your pain Debbie! My office has turned into a dump zone too..for everything! So bad that I haven’t used it myself for a while because it’s not comfortable.. That will change with this challenge my friend! Can’t wait to see what you do with you spaces 🙂 Happy decluttering!

    5. Oh my! I don’t know if you are ready to see the inside of my creative space aka cottage studio. I should do an entire post on this myself.
      Count me in. I will share my photo soon.

    6. This is so embarrassing! I pride myself on neatness and I’m a Home Stager for crying out loud! If a client saw this room they would never hire me! There is nothing like a deadline and accountability to motivate you to get something done so this is a great challenge! I do not have a post up yet but stay tuned for weekly updates!

    7. I’m in good company with my messy workspace! I think cleaning it will take the longest! My kids have been writing in the dust on my desk, so it’s time. 🙂

    8. Hi Debbie,
      I’m working on my home office and what a mess. Such a drag to do but I know the reward will be great in the end. It’s nice to know I’m in good company.


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