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Christmas at a Discount – Kitchen Dine-In

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This is the Eat-In kitchen dining area.  Spruced up with more poinsettias.

(What can I say, I love their velvety beauty.)

Christmas in the kitchen - budget decorating ideas

Here’s a closer look,

Christmas in the kitchen - budget decorating ideas -  poinsettias galore

Three poinsettias $4.50 (they were half-off at Walmart)

Christmas in the kitchen - budget decorating ideas -  poinsettias and little wreaths

Small wreaths tied with raffia on the back of my white chairs $4.00 total. (Dollar Tree)

Branch over the window $5.00

(bought at the Attic sale for $5, it still had the tag on it from Hobby Lobby-$39)

Window sill dressed with greenery from the yard (I’m rooting the ivy)

and free succulents from my Mama at Thanksgiving.

Same old deer that I’ve had forever, they show up somewhere different every year.

My silver wine chiller from Goodwill, holding one of the poinsettias.  (I’m trying to see how many times I can say that word this Christmas season–poinsettia—said it again).

Geese on the pond, free winter entertainment.

Total cost (this year) for a jolly eating experience:

$13.50 (plus tax where applicable) 

Details on this amazing new/old table coming soon.  I feel the need to overload you with poinsettias and Christmas right now.

How many times did I say poinsettia? or poinsettias?

Have a wonderful day 🙂

    28 thoughts on “Christmas at a Discount – Kitchen Dine-In”

    1. So Christmas-sey! I was wondering if you find your windows that go to the floor a challenge? I do & would never think a bench with a round table would look right, but I’m going to try it!

    2. Your dining room looks so lovely. I love that you spent so little to achieve such an elegant look. The view of the pond is the icing on the cake! So glad you shared this at my Show & Tell party.


    3. Love your room. So pretty. I have the same saying over my breakfast nook windows. And, I bought a silver champagne bucket at Goodwill for $4 too. I’ve put a tree in mine, but I love the idea of the poinsettia. Stop by and take a look, if you have time. Thanks for sharing your home. Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

    4. What a cozy little spot to sit and watch the geese. I too love the wreaths on the chairs and all your poinsettas. Nice touch. Merry Christmas.

    5. Your kitchen eat-in area is so pretty. I especially love the little wreaths on the chairs.

      Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

      Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    6. Beautiful. You did a great job pulling everything together! Found you through Coastal Charm!
      PS Starting a Linky party tomorrow and giving away $5 Starbucks giftcards. Please come over and share off some of your projects! You’re so talented!

    7. What a fabulous window you have to look out on!
      I love the little wreaths on the backs of chairs. I put some on my dining chairs also!
      Love the wall color too!

      Happy Jolidays to you and yours!


    8. Your breakfast area looks fabulous!!! I love the poinsettias … the wreaths on the backs of the chairs are fabulous and love the garland over the window, too! What a beautiful space to enjoy a Christmas meal! Happy Holidays!

    9. My senses are rejoicing! I’m headed to Dollar Tree! I love your decorating style and I really like those chairs, and I’d love to know where you got them. Go ahead;overload me! 😀

    10. So beautiful Debbie! This was the first year that I didn’t have red poinsettias in my home and I definitely miss them. I absolutely love the wreaths on the chairs too! Everything is just lovely my friend! 🙂


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