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Tripod Lamp

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Have you ever heard of Dirt Cheap Stores?

Well I have and while I was visiting my Mama over the holidays, we went shopping.  It’s more like hunting, because this store had so much stuff and it was very well, not, organized!

In my searching, I ran across this tripod lamp from Tarjay, and it felt good to buy something that didn’t need painting or rewiring or anything else except a light bulb and plugging it in!

The shade is off white with blue trim.

I’ll be sitting here looking through my magazines.

Because for $12, I saved a little time by not having to refresh this find!

Have a great day and happy thrifting!

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    11 thoughts on “Tripod Lamp”

    1. I noticed you posted this about 2 years ago… if you are not still using the lamp I would like to buy it from you! I had a set of them, but one recently broke and I cannot find them anywhere! Help!

    2. Hey Debbie that is the cutest lamp I have ever seen. Which Dirt Cheap store did you visit? I have gone to about 10 of them and love them all.

    3. We have this store and it’s always has so much Target goodies…love you lamp…awesome deal too! Debbie…hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Hope to see ya at NTT:)


    4. I’d have passed right by this lamp, but after seeing it on your table with your lovely decor, I’d have been foolish to do that! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those. I’ll have to be more watchful! 😀

    5. Okay is that really the name of the store, or are you not “outing” a real store… because I WANT one of those stores! I can’t believe you got that for $12! So cute!!



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