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DIY never takes a Vacation

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After Haven, I drove to Amelia Island to meet Barry (Mr reFresh), for a mini vacation.

I don’t know about you, but my DIY brain never takes a vacation.  Here are 3 ideas that I noticed as soon as I got there!

No matter where I go or what I’m doing, I have DIY on my mind.  How can I copy that and make it cheaper, how is that constructed, can we do that?

#1 Bathroom Vanity Makeover

When I looked in the bathroom, I did a double take.

If our vanity needed a makeover we could do this.  Remove the doors, add wood for shelves, trim it out.

This is a great idea, no matter how many doors your vanity has.  You could do this 🙂

Add baskets, buckets for storage or just do what they did.

# 2 DIY Coffee Bar in your bedroom 

What a luxury to have a mini coffee bar in your bedroom or guest room.  A one cup coffee maker, bottled water and a tray filled with everything that you need.  Inexpensive treat for you or your guest 🙂

Not only was the coffee bar a great idea, the dresser had an awesome paint treatment that you could copy too!

It looks like a two color crackle finish and guess who is going to have a crackle treatment option for her paint??

Miss Mustard Seed 🙂

To reproduce this, I would paint the base coat, apply crackle medium and then paint the top coat.  Let it crackle and wax with clear and dark wax.

#3 DIY Flowers

When I checked in, the first thing I saw were these clear glass containers filled with beautiful flowers.

Bunches of the same shade but different flowers.  Using the same tone creates a great impact.

Beautiful display, clear glass containers with large leaves and the same shade flowers.

Easy DIY centerpiece.  I could use my Dollar Store clear vases.  Hydrangeas from the yard and roses or gerber daisies from Sam’s and wrap an elephant ear around for the greenery.

Please tell it’s not just me, do you have DIY on the brain all the time too??


    14 thoughts on “DIY never takes a Vacation”

    1. Here’s the million dollar question. Is it still a vacation if you are still engaged in all the possibility projects? I know the answer…for me no….and I’m GUILTY!!!! Not that that has ever stopped me! LOL!
      Glad the two of you got some fun time away. And I love when hotels have that clever towel cubbie under the sink. Handy and looks great. Wish I had more space to play with to do something like that.

    2. yep! diy brain full swing here! We actually thought about a coffee bar/mini fridge/ microwave in our “basement master bedroom suite”. we let our guest sleep there when they come (in Italy the guest gets the best spot in the house). being a 500 sq ft,it could totally pass for a mini apartment 🙂

    3. It never stops…and it drives my husband nuts because I am constantly taking pictures everywhere we go!

    4. OMG – I am the same way – so many ideas and not enough time or money…lucky for me the hubby is handy..but after 25 years I think he’s tired of always having a project!

      Always such good ideas found here…

      Cheryl from Ontario

    5. What a beautiful hotel Debbie!! And yes, I do have DIY on the brain all the time too…now if I could just get motivated to actually do some of my projects. LOL! I think those ideas are fantastic and I can’t wait to see if you try some! 🙂

    6. A Creative Mind, never goes on Break no matter how hard you try ;0)!!!!! I like all the ideas…but the bathroom sink IMO is a bit on the unrealistic side for a regular household first where are the sink pipes..the depth of each shelf must not be too much when there are no ” U catch pipes” in sight (or is a mighty deep and luxuriously big vanity)…lol..and second…I don’t know about you girl…but there are some things in my bathroom/vanity sink that are best kept hidden! =0)
      Glad you guys found some time for each other and vacationed for a bit!


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