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Tips {Vinegar}

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I love these cheap metal containers from Ikea, but I don’t like how shiny they are.

I wanted them to look more like the tall one, so I soaked it in vinegar.

See how it sticks out like a sore thumb?

It’s not the same kind of metal as these two, but it least the shine is gone ๐Ÿ™‚

I did the same with this.

Awww, much better!

Do you have any vinegar tips??

Please share!


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    20 thoughts on “Tips {Vinegar}”

    1. thanks for the share… I’m trying this on some shiny letters that need aged to get used on crafts for victims of human trafficking.

    2. HI! Thanks for sharing this great tip! How long do you need to soak in vinegar? I’m also wanting to ‘galvanize’ used food cans. Can it work for this?

      Thank you,
      Happy Crafting!

      Victoria Renee

      • Thanks Victoria! It depends on your piece, you will just have to just check your piece periodically. I have not tried a can, but please let me know!

    3. I am always surprised to find such easy tips like this– makes ya wonder what else vinegar can do! I actually like the smell.. makes my mouth water thinking about it! ha… Thanks for this tip!! I hate to sound so cliche, but I just love your blog!

    4. I love this post!!! I just bought that watering can and was feeling the same way about the shininess! Vinegar is my best friend!

      Denise @ buttonsandwhimsy.com

    5. That’s awesome, I was wondering how to get that look….I thought the pieces were just old!

      I love vinegar and water for window washing but there are so many ways to use vinegar for cleaning.

    6. Love vinegar for laundry additive. Takes out stains and odor. My guys have hot, sweaty work & it really does the job on their white shirts & tees. I am allergic to artificial fragrance so when I have new or re-gifted linens, tablecloths, towels, etc. I wash them several times add,ing 1 cup of vinegar to remove the perfume smell. Hubby took his mom to her summer place & to be nice she did all his laundry before he returned home so I wouldn’t have to. I couldn’t get near him because the laundry soap was so perfumey. Vinegar to the rescue again…

    7. I just bought myself a jug of vinegar since it has so many uses, but I am not sure I was thinking crafting when I bought it. Filing this tip in my memory bank.


    8. I am learning from my mom and now blogs you can do anything with vinegar. It is amazing but I hate the smell. I break out my mask because it is one of my least favorite smells. I am still amazed everything you can do with vinegar.

    9. Love white vinegar! I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!!! I use it constantly for cleaning. I think someone is on to all the good uses. I’m paying $3.67/gallon. Double what I did last year. Of course I’ve moved…maybe it just costs more here. ๐Ÿ˜€
      Great ‘refresh’ on your pail, Debbie!!!


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