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How to Compare Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

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You know we love our house. We looked a lot before we bought and because it’s an older house we’ve made many changes to add our own personality. There’s one thing that I haven’t shared, we have a mix of old and new windows. Actually, we have 4 newer windows and the rest are about 30 years old. Not old in a way that makes them beautiful antiques, but old in a way that makes them not energy efficient. Trying to make the right decision when window shopping can be difficult.

Country Home with Old Windows

There are so many cosmetic choices in windows these days. There’s the classic white, cream and wood tone and more.

The newer windows are on the front of our house under the porch, so when the time comes, we will stick with the white ones.

Lots of window choices

By comparing the NFRC label before making a purchase you will know exactly what you are getting and you can feel confident about your purchase. Lower utility bills and saving energy are possible depending on which products you choose.

I took a photo of this label on a window that I was considering, so you can see what it looks like.

NFRC certified windows

The National Fenestration Rating Council or as you can  see on this label, NFRC, is a non profit agency that serves as a consumer watchdog. They provide fair, accurate, credible, and unbiased energy performance information.

Because they are a third-party resource you can compare the energy efficiency of windows, doors and skylights. As an independent company they are not associated with the manufacturers whose product they certify, this helps us as consumers compare options and make a purchase decision based on what serves our needs. They’re not selling anything just providing information that I think is very important when making investments in our home.

Energy Efficient Windows check the label NFRC

My kitchen window is one that needs to be replaced. During the colder months I can tell there is a difference in temperature levels here as compared to the new windows in the dining room. Thank goodness, our cold months are limited but it got me to thinking about the hot summer months too and how I may be able to save on utilities.

Variety of windows available

NFRC certified

You can see based on the two labels that I included, that with each window the information is different. The NFRC website has more information than I can list here and it’s one of the places I will check for energy efficient choices.

Bay windows

Here’s our bay window area and this is where I first noticed our aging windows. Not only are they not energy efficient, they don’t look clean after I’ve cleaned them.

NFRC Window rating

The National Fenestration Rating Council makes it easy to determine energy performance ratings on windows, doors and skylights. They’re not selling anything, just providing unbiased information when it comes to making energy efficient choices.

If you’re looking for replacement windows or building a new home, be sure to check those labels and their website, click here: NFRC.org.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of National Fenestration Rating Council. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    1. Thank you for the post, we are always looking for ways to try and conserve energy in our house, I will have to look into these products!

      ~xo Sheree

    2. Debbie that was us when we bought this house, it needed new windows desperately.
      We replaced 23 windows… but not the 9 in the sun room. And they need it. I’m SO glad I caught this informative post so we can be better prepared when we shop for replacements. Especially being so large, I’d hate to make a mistake.


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