You’ll never guess where I’ll be this week,

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Exploring Mobile Alabama, spending time at the historic Ford House!
Mobile Alabama at sunset

I just wanted to give you a heads-up! On Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be joining a few friends in Mobile.

Southern Romance, the Ford House in Mobile Alabama

I’ll be sharing more about the trip and the love of a house later!

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I know  you’ll enjoy taking a few tours with me.


Mobile Alabama
Mobile Alabama
Historic Ford House in Mobile Alabama
Historic Ford House in Mobile Alabama


I look forward to sharing more from this Southern Romance!

You know I appreciate a great love story and especially when it involves restoring a historical home.

I can’t wait to find out why a team from British Columbia, Canada has taken on bringing this old house back to life!

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  1. I was just reading Beth’s post on the visit and I have to say…. thank you for being the token brunette! Way to represent us raven haired chicks.


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