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Tour of the Fall Living Room

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On the coffee table, and you see Murphy making sure I get the correct angle.

Sitting on the sofa.

Looking back toward the front door.  I still need to paint the legs on that ottoman that I made the slipcover for.

From the dining room to the living room.

Wall behind the sofa.

More of that wall behind the sofa.

We love to watch t.v.  It’s always on HGTV in this room, I’m really getting tired of all the House Hunters though.  I used to be nosy, and liked looking at other peoples homes.  But enough is enough! Mr. reFresh says he doesn’t know why we pay for so many channels.

Murphy’s chair. (House Hunter’s on again?)

Love the gallery wall.

This spring pillow still fitting.  Who knew it would be so versatile!

That’s all folks, no more fall for the living room…but I did make these curtains this week.  I used a famous bloggers tutorial, saved that to blog about later.

Two points if you find the picture with an object that doesn’t belong…but is always sitting out somewhere in this house!

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    52 thoughts on “Tour of the Fall Living Room”

    1. Your fall decor is just beautiful; and your home is stunning! I love everything about it. I am a new blogger and now, a new follower of yours! I hope you will follow back! Peace and Blessings!!

    2. Great Fall touches and pops of color with thepumpkins in the wooden bowl. and around the rooml. I’m lovin’ your chanderlier in the foyer, too.
      Have a great weekend.

    3. Beautiful. I love the fall touches. The warm fall colors against the cool colors of your living room are so pretty. I think I was blown away by how gorgeous everything was, I never saw the vaccum (I even went back a second time to look :)).

    4. Love the fall colors, love the gallery wall, LOVE the round coffee table! Very nice looking and very versatile room! I’m a new follower, thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today! 🙂

    5. Nope, didn’t notice the vac until you mentioned it, & then I had to go on a hunt. All the other wonderfulness had me totally captivated. Everything looks just beautiful!
      🙂 CAS

    6. So many pretty touches! Love the gallery wall and am drooling over the convex eagle mirror! Must get my hands on one! Thank you so much for sharing your living room in the “Room to Room” series!

      -Rene 🙂

    7. Love your beautiful home. The fall touches a just right. Not overkill but a tribute to the season. Thanks for sharing.
      I had to go back but I found the vacuum handle. Mine is forever out somewhere and the windex.
      Blessings, Ginger

    8. Tell me about the monogram on the back of your white slipcovered chair. Just love it. Did you send it away or have it done locally? The curtain panels are wonderful too. Enjoyed the fall tour!

    9. First, I have to tell you how lovely your home is. The monogrammed chair is wonderful…well, really, everything is!

      And second, I couldn’t agree with you more about the House Hunters thing…I tell my husband that all the time…I guess HGTV knows that we are all blogging now to get ideas! lol

    10. Do I see a sweeper handle peeking out?! 🙂

      Your room is lovely! It looks very well thought out and purposeful yet comfy and welcoming! A perfect combination I think! I noticed the monogram on your white chair… I have two wing chairs that need recovered and I keep thinking that a monogram would be a good way to add some fun and detail to a solid fabric. I just can’t bear to choose a print that I may end up tiring of in 5 years. Monograms however, are timeless!

      Thank you for sharing! I look forward to spending more time looking through your archives!

    11. That first shot is beautiful Debbie. You have such a beautiful home. I agree with you on HGTV’s House Hunters. I much prefer the decorating and diy shows. I’ve found myself stalking blogs more, and watching HGTV less. lol

    12. You have a beautiful home and your fall decorations are lovely without being overpowering to the rest of the decor. Nice job sewing your drapes–just makes you feel good doesn’t it?

    13. Debbie,
      Your fall decor looks great…still love that birdie pillow and looking forward to hearing more about those drapes. Oh yes…I didn’t see a thing:)


    14. Oh Debbie, your house is lovely! Love your fall vignettes, my fav season! Your new curtains look great too! Thanks for the tour, I just came from MM at, Susan’s. Hugs, FABBY

    15. It took me a couple of times but I spotted that handle! 🙂 Your home is just so gorgeous Debbie and I absolutely love all of your fall touches. Your new curtains are beautiful too!

    16. Debbie, it is absolutely stunning! I love the backing, I’m guessing wallpaper in your entertainment center. As far as the pic with the object that doesn’t belong…got no clue. Maybe the white planter with the hydrangeas. I don’t know. I like the way it looks. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    17. Your living room all decked out for fall is gorgeous!

      I have to agree with you. I used to love House Hunters, but now that’s all they show! They need to mix it up.

    18. Hi Debbie,
      Your home is just beautiful! Love the family portrait wall.
      Very nice!
      I wish HGTV would get it together for the Fall Season, enough already with the House Hunters, where is Sarah Richardson, & Samantha Pynn! And what about a fall special or too! Okay that’s it…..:)
      Have a great weekend!
      All the Best,

    19. It’s so comfy and welcoming. Beautiful job!! I really wish I could have table decor, but my son would just think the pumpkins were balls to through around {maybe one day again I’ll be able to decorate like an adult}

      Way to go!

      PS… is it the vacuum 🙂 I spied it when going through and though to myself, wow she at least vacuums for her pictures. I just push stuff out of the way to get a shot, then push it back!

      Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

    20. Mines usually sitting out someplace also 😉 I call him Orin for Oreck lol lol ..But regardless of what you call yours, He is sorta hidden !!! Love all your pics!! Very inspiring, Thank You!

    21. Oh this is beautiful!!! Your whole room is gorgeous, and I love the fall touches. My favorite fall piece would be the dough bowl filled with fall items. Great job on everything!!!

    22. The vaccum! It took me a minute. It tends to hang out around my house too even though it has a home. I guess I should be happy that it at least gets used often! 🙂 Beautiful home!


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