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Faux Bamboo Furniture

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Faux Bamboo Furniture

There was a set of lovely dated pieces of furniture just waiting for the right person. A desk, two night stands and a dresser , they just sat there.  I walked around the house looking at everything else, trying to forget about these pieces.  Sure they were clean and in great shape but they were so different from anything else that I had ever refreshed.

Faux Bamboo Furniture

When I checked out some furniture from a local ad, I wasn’t crazy about it.

Faux Bamboo Furniture

I bought it anyway.

Then I did some research.

Isn’t that how you do it?  Buy the piece first and then figure out what to do with it!

One King's LaneOne King’s Lane

Faux Bamboo Furniture

One King’s Lane

This would not be the typical shabby look that I’ve been doing.

There would be no distressing, sanding, roughing it up.

They would have to be bold, stand on their on 2, I mean 4 feet.

Faux Bamboo Furniture - Painted

I used Maison Blanche Vintage Paint in Peacock, and waxed with the dark wax.

Steps to create a beautiful painted faux bamboo piece with laminate:

1.  Lightly sand the high gloss areas.

2. Clean your piece

3.  Use a primer if you’re not painting with a chalk based paint.

4.  Paint with your choice of paint.

5. When the piece has dried, us a wax or water based poly to protect the surface.

6. Replace or paint your hardware.

Faux Bamboo Furniture - Maison Blanche Furniture Paint

I kept the original hardware and used this technique to refresh them.

Faux Bamboo Furniture - Painted

I imagined them beside a bed dressed in white.

Faux Bamboo Furniture - Painted

I did this project in one afternoon.  I will never hesitate to buy this style again.

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    1. I love just about anything bamboo or rattan and some wicker (vintage). This looks fantastic and peacock blue is now one of my favorite colors. Great job !!! Thanks for sharing.


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