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Washi Tape Dispenser

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Today I want to show you what I came up with to keep my washi tape under control.

Washi Tape Dispenser/Organizer

Office supplies are one of my weaknesses and when they come in the form of pretty colorful tape, I must have it!


After a few online searches, I found that washi tape dispensers can be a little pricey.  I decided to refresh something that I already had.

Washi tape dispenser


This box once contained a corporate gift of steak knives, I saved it because I couldn’t throw away a perfectly good wood box.

Measured it to make sure the tape would fit.

I bought a 1″ dowel rod from Hobby Lobby and cut it down to fit. (make sure you leave enough for a 1″ overhang on both sides)

Now you need to drill a hole for your dowel, measure both sides of your box, use a pencil to mark the center.

Drill a hole just a little larger than your dowel, I used a flat wood bit.  Align the point of the bit where you marked your center, and drill.

I spray painted the box and dowel.

Washi tape organizer

My solution for cutting the tape, remove a blade from a box of aluminum foil.  I used my kitchen scissors to cut to size.

Use clear 9001 adhesive to attach, let it dry for 24 hours.  After it dried I used some of the washi tape to dress it up.

washi tape dispenser

You can use any size box, just make sure it’s deep enough.  I love that this one already had a great lid!

Washi Tape Organzier

Don’t you just love Washi Tape?

(I recently shared this over at 11 Magnolia Lane)

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    1. I never used Washi tape much wasn’t sure why I needed it, then tried it a few times and I was hooked, now I need a place to store all the tape I have been accumulating. This is a cute idea, think I may have to try it out. Thanks


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