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Feed Sacks

They’re not just for animals! I’ve seen several versions of feed sacks made into totes. Of course, I had to try one.

I meet a lady at Lake Martin this week and she gave me some of her feed sacks, she reuses them for garbage bags.  That’s a great idea too!

I used my really old Singer sewing machine, it only does a straight stitch…wish it did zig zag!

I hope you can follow this, here’s what I did:

Decide how much of a base, you want.  (I decided on 4 1/2 inches).  You could make it really wide, or none at all:

After I folded and measured the 4 1/2 inches, I double stitched across the corner to create the base.

Cut off the excess and repeat on the other end, then I turned the bag right side out.

For the handles, I cut the leftover part of the bag 4 inches wide and then cut the length in half.  I folded each side in and single stitched to create the handles.  You can make these any size you want.

I attached the handles 4 inches from the side.

These will be great to carry on the boat, the farmers market or to the grocery store!

There are so many ways to recycle, we just need to look around and take advantage of them!

Happy Recycling, now on to my next sewing project, this week I’ve got a couple…




  1. That is a really great repurpose! I love the tote with the sunrise (sunset?) silhouette best.

  2. You are so clever Debbie! It looks absolutely fabulous and we are always so thrilled to have you share your creations with us at Inspiration Friday!

  3. I always hated throwing these away unless I had at least tried reusing for some purpose, which was usually trash. We go through about 30 bags a week between horses, cows, chickens and dogs. Some of the bags are great colors. Now I know what I can do with at least a few of them. Great outdoor totes for garden tools and such. Thanks!

  4. Love the tote bag but love the sewing machine too! What a classic.

  5. That is a cute idea. I don’t sew, but it is perfect for those that do. I have purchase plain canvas bags that I throw in the washer. I keep all of them in a basket in case I have light shopping to do for the day.

    I am a new follower from “Circle of Bliss”.

  6. OOps! I misspelled my email last reply.

  7. Whta a fabulous way to repurpose the feed sacks !! I love it … thanks for the awesome tutorial, too !!

  8. Hi Debbie. I would like to share this post with my readers. I’m not sure how to. Usually there is a button to do so. May I share? If so, how?

    Thank you!
    Robin 🙂

  9. great job and a great way to repurpose.

  10. Great job Debbie. I love the graphics.

  11. This looks terrific! I can’t sew a stitch but you make this look so easy I may break down, buy a machine and try! Thanks for a great blog!…

  12. Awesome!! Love your ideas!!

  13. this looks great … you better get ready .. i have feed sacks .. from these chickens

  14. I LOVE THIS DEB!!!! Now I need to find me some old feed sacks!! Those would make great gifts too!! Hope you had fun at the lake!!!

  15. Great tote bags!!! Love them!

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