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Fighting Pollen & Gearing Up For Spring

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Gearing Up for Spring!

Spring comes with a double edged sword. Warmer days and pollen.

Excessive pollen!

Let the spring cleaning begin… Spring Cleaning the deck

The pollen-cast: Pollen Count

My sweet husband has terrible allergies.  We’ve never been able to leave our windows open at night to enjoy cool breezes.

When he mows the yard he wears a mask.

I dust and vacuum a lot, even outside.

Spring Cleaning Deck

Spring Cleaning Deck

We grill almost every night and I don’t want to cook in a dirty kitchen.

So, during this time of the year the pollen has to be cleaned every day.

By me. I can’t whine too much, because we waited so long to have a roof put over our deck.

Spring Cleaning 18

I love being out here.

Spring Cleaning Seating Area

We’ve been in our house over 10 years.

The back had a covered porch about 6′ wide  with an oddly shaped two level deck attached.  Sitting under the covered area was like teetering on a tight rope.  Barely enough room for a couple chairs and grill, if it was raining you would get wet.

Two years ago we finally consulted a builder to see if there was any way to add a roof over the deck.

We had convinced ourselves that it would not be possible because of the upstairs dormer and the shape of the deck.

We were wrong.  

Thanks goodness!  Cleaning the pollen is a small sacrifice for having a larger covered area.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Pollen

Spring Cleaning Candleholders

Spring Cleaning kitchen area

While the roof was under construction I drew out a kitchen area on a piece of graph paper.  The deck has those crazy angles and it has two levels but the guys were able to recreate what I had drawn.  We tiled the top, painted the siding, added a bar sink, 3 fans and a couple of lights.

Spring Cleaning Pillows and Plants

This year’s addition is a couple of pillows, ferns and new planters.

Spring Cleaning Pillow Art

Spring Cleaning Water

Outdoor kitchen

We have a great space to relax and unwind.

Hall Defense

I’m out here cleaning and cooking and Barry’s taking sinus meds and

HALLS® Defense (with 100% daily dose of Vitamin C in each drop) to help

get him through the pollen-filled days and nights.

Spring Cleaning the deck

We’re geared up for spring with a refreshed deck!

How do you gear up for spring?

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    11 thoughts on “Fighting Pollen & Gearing Up For Spring”

    1. You must live near our area because we have “yellow season” too. I want to add a sink next to our grill this year. The plumbing is already there and that would save me some steps in cleaning.

    2. Oh honey I feel ya. Tallahassee is pollen heaven. Everyone here get “the Tallahassee crud” yearly after living here about 5 years. My entire porch (screened) is green right now and the pool looks like a pond. I must say I love your “kitchen”. But on a more inexpensive note, I love the flower pic. Is it coated with something to let it be outside? Really striking.

    3. Love your porch/deck! Would hate the pollen! I have allergies too & I take Zyrtec for mine. Never thought of Halls but I will try them.

    4. I also have allergies though here in Colorado they don’t hit till May/June. I take Claratin redi tabs – they melt on the tongue. I find them a great help. He could also get shots. When I lived back east in Maryland I saw an allergist weekly for shots specifically designed for my allergies. There is also the home remedy of eating local honey as it has natural pollens in it that will supposedly help – but it has to be local to your area honey. I love the ceiling fan that rug and large flower print you’ve got there! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the allergies!



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