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How to Replace Old Felt in a Silverware Drawer

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How to Replace Old Felt in a Silverware Drawer or any drawer with felt…

These old buffets don’t show up around here very often.  And rarely in great shape.  I’m kind of going backwards in my post about this one.  I have never actually shown you the before.  I just wanted to share a couple photos of the after,  so you’ll know how to take care of those dirty old silverware drawer liners.

How to Update felt in an old buffet.jpgGreat buffet makeover

How to replace felt in a silverware drawer.

1.  Remover the dividers.

2. Locate nails that are holding the base in the drawer.  Remove those.

3.  Now you can slide the base of the drawer out.

4.  Base has been removed and it is gross!How to replace this dirty felt, this is beforeThe fabric can be pealed away.  Clean the board.

how to replace old felt in a silverware drawer.

1. Cut new felt, spray the board with craft bond and press the new felt in place.

Use scissors, trim to fit the exact size of the board.  Slide the freshly covered board back in to place.

Replace the nails to hold it in place.

2.  Replace the dividers.

3.  Closer view of the divider.

4. Fall in love with your drawer.

5. Ready for silverware.This is the after - replacing felt.

So much better and I won’t mind placing anything in this drawer!


Next time you see this piece, I will give you all the details of the before and after.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you try something new this week!


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    1. Awesome transformation, what a big different between old and new drawer! a little bit more work and the result is stunning. Great work, I love it.


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