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Floral Container Makeover

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Isn’t it funny how it’s takes so little the make a change.

I’m not really sure what this was made out of, it kind of felt like leather.

I doubt that it was, a funny texture none the less.

I picked it up, and put it down.  It was strange and ugly.

I walked away and then I came back.

It was so different I had to have it.

Flat white spray paint~that’s all it needed.

I had to distress it, because it just wasn’t right.

When all else fails, sand paper to the rescue.

At first it was too brown, then it was too white…

now it’s just right 🙂

Have you spray painted anything lately?

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    21 thoughts on “Floral Container Makeover”

    1. I’m been on a spray painting spree this week and, wow, you’re so right about making a big difference with a little effort. That’s the beauty of spray paint, for sure!

      Awesome redo!!

    2. WOW. What a difference that spray paint and you made! Thank goodness you can along and made it right in white =)

    3. I love the vase in white! It looks as if it was meant to be that color, especially with a bit of the brown showing through. I’m always amazed at how such a simple change can make a world of difference.


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