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Must Love Dogs (on a personal level)

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I was on the phone with my little sister and she said, let me read you something that I wrote.  Ok, I was thinking, she’s a very entertaining writer.  She usually writes really funny stuff, not this time.  She had me crying…I’m talking that ugly crying that happens when you’re really touched, well I was really touched.  

I think Murphy had a tear in her eye too.

I hope you have time to read this. Written by Donna~the voice for Belle former Puppy Mill Puppy Maker


The Voice of the Voiceless

To The Human Race:

I was living in a kennel most days of my life if I was lucky. You see it was much nicer there (if you can call it nice), than when I was allowed to get out and see my brothers and sisters. We were in a pen with a tarp over the top and no grass to walk on. Our floor was nothing but dirt and most of the time we had lime thrown in with us so the neighbor could not smell how bad it was. Our pens were almost never cleaned out so we were walking on our feces and urine all the time. Our water bowls were large tubs that I could hardly reach in and get a drink when I was thirsty. There was this green line around where the water was with stuff floating in our water. I always hoped that it would rain because then I would have fresh water. This kind of living went on for years. I had babies and babies and they were taken away from me. I never knew where they went, but I knew that when the time came for them to go I would be brushed on my head and half my body so that I looked pretty for someone to see in a picture. The back side of my body was never brushed and I had these horrible mattes in my hair with lots of fleas.


I always knew that one day someone would want me and that I would never have to be a Puppy maker again. Then that day came. I heard a knock on the door and there were these people standing there. They were nice and wanted to see us…ALL of us. But they only took a few of my brothers and sisters. I was so sad they did not pick me, but happy that some of my sick brothers and sisters got to leave this horrible place we lived in.  So I went back to my little piece of the world in the pen and ask God just one more time could you please send your angels to watch over us.


To my surprise the very next day, this nice police officer knocked on our door. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew these were the people that had just come the day before to get my brothers and sisters. But this time they brought more people with them and they had trucks and kennels with blankets in them.  I was so excited! Could it be that this time they would pick me? I stood up on my back little legs as if to say. Pick Me, Pick Me….and guess what..they did. Then I realized I was scared. What if they were taking me somewhere else just like this place. But I could tell by the voice of the lady holding me and cuddling me that I would never be in a place like this. Her voice was so soft spoken to me. She was telling me how beautiful I was and that I would NEVER have to be a puppy maker ever again.  Could it be true, is what I was thinking. She put me in a nice crate with a soft blanket in it and sat me inside her truck. Then she turned it on so I would not be hot with the air blowing.


I could hear the Humans talking. I could not see what they were doing but their voices where so sweet even the man (Mr. Steve) that was helping. Then my Mastiff sister was put in the truck with me. She got to lay on the seat with a blanket, WOW this is exciting. Could it be true that we were leaving this House of Terror????


On the ride with the new lady, she talked to me and my Mastiff sister. She told us that she loved us. WOW, how could she do that she didn’t know us. Then we made a stop to drop off my Mastiff Sister. She told me that it was ok that she was going to be taken care of by Dr. Amy.  What is a Dr. Amy, I was wondering. But I thought, it must be ok. Then the next stop was for me. We stopped at a Dr. Julie, well to my amazement I was given a bath, which I did not like. But I will say I felt so much better and I did not have all those fleas on me anymore. She wrapped me in a warm blanket and said to Mr. Steve, that she would take me to her house. I was beginning to realize that I wasn’t scared of her or Mr. Steve.


When I reached my new home, I had 2 new sisters and a brother that were running around and playing. Then she did it. She took me outside and put me down. And WOW was I amazed. There was this green stuff on the ground that felt so good under my paws. Could it be that I would get to run and play in this green stuff…Oh my it was true, I had never touched grass before and I knew at that very moment that God had sent his Angels in to rescue us, all of us and to watch over us?


I beg you if you read this please consider finding one of these Angels to help you find a Puppy like me that needs a great home and please don’t pay money to the House of Terrors. There are so many loving animals that need a great home just like me. And so many great Rescue Groups that are working everyday to save pups like me.  If you don’t know a rescue group to adopt from, this is my favorite and I recommend them to everyone…FURREVER HOMES RESCUE. You can find them on facebook at FurreverHomes Rescue or you can find Mr. Steve (Steve Williams) or my new mama Donna Amos Lord. They are all located in Baldwin County, Alabama.

With loving Paws,

Belle (A former Puppy Mill Puppy Maker)

Belle~after a loving makeover 🙂

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, please consider adoption!

Or if you’d like to help, there are several ways to make a donation:

Furrever Homes Rescue

Amazon Wish List

 I also put a button on my sidebar, for donations.

Spread the word~Adopt!

A house is not a home without a dog 🙂 

    23 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs (on a personal level)”

    1. Absolutely touching…I’m crying, too. As the mom of a former puppy mill dog, I can’t tell you how much it means to me when people help to spread the word about the atrocities that go on in those mills. I’m always amazed about how little the general public knows about this important issue. Lovely post–thank you! ~Heather

    2. Debbie,
      Our rat terrier, Scout was a rescue and we are in the process of looking for another dog. (Our beloved Buster, the Cairn terrorist died 18 months ago.) Thank you for reminding people to please adopt/rescue animals that need homes. They make the best pets!
      Your Friend,

    3. I love posts like this! We adopted one of our dogs, a husky named Cicada. She is the sweetest thing and after getting her, I know I will always adopt at least one of my dogs (we like to have 2 at a time)! 🙂

    4. Thanks for this story. I didn’t get my dogs in this manor, but thanks to google earth I did investigate the property that my dogs were raised on to make sure there were no out buildings, kennels, or tarps. Yes I invaded their privacy. However I have 2 huge doodles and I have been wanting a tiny cuddler. I just haven’t convinced the hubby. I do donate every xmas to an organization in our hometown that rescues. This was a great article.

    5. Thank you so much for this deeply moving story. There are so many dogs out there, in need of our help and I personally will do everything and anything I can, until my very last breath, to help, rescue, save as many animals as possible. They need us!

    6. OMG; I don’t know you, but I LOVE YOU. I’m part of a golden retreiver rescue & I have 2 puppy mill mamas (along with 2 other goldens); they are the most greatful sweetest dogs ever; they were kept like livestock and worse; initially cringed at being touched & crawled on their bellies for days becuz they didn’t understand what they had just been introduced to; each day was an incredible transformation in them and the first day they frolicked in the backyard I cried and almost wet my pants with joy!!! Thank you for a story so similar to theirs.

    7. We had the sweetest pound puppy for 16 years… she grew up with my kids and we loved her so. She passed last summer and we haven’t (couldn’t) replace her, but we absolutely would adopt again. Beautiful touching story — yay for sweet Belle. 🙂
      xo Heidi

    8. I have never, not once in my life bought and animal. There are far to many that need saving. We rescue. Every time.

    9. Oh my Debbie. I’m at work on my lunch break and was trying to read a few blogs. Needless to say I ended up sobbing on my sandwich. This is such a good post. I never owned a pet until 4 years ago. I mean never. Growing up we lived in a tiny house and my dad always said it wouldn’t be fair to a dog. Anyway, I never realized the intense love that develops for a pet. We got our dog from a breeder but I think if we get another one we will adopt. Belle is beautiful by the way…hope all is well with you. Fantastic new header!

    10. I don’t know how people can live with themselves after treating animals like that. We rescued our Lacey from a breeder that used her to pump out puppies left and right. Even after they knew she had arthritis, she still had more litters. And that breeder actually had a good reputation. But now she lives a fun life with us and doesn’t have to shoot babies out anymore.

    11. God bless you for posting this. I’ve been spreading the word about puppy mills for some time and I SO appreciate others that do as well.

      I would LOVE to share this on my blog with your permission.

      • I would love for you to share Belle’s story on your blog…I am touched that there have been so many comments about our sweet Belle.

    12. Amen! Please adopt, don’t shop and please, please spay and neuter your pets. I volunteer with my local Humane Society and we foster animals in our homes. We just don’t have enough people for all the wonderful animals out there who are looking for loving homes. If you’re bored, depressed, don’t know what to do with yourself, go volunteer with a local animal rescue group. The experience will change your life forever and for the better.

    13. Sweetest. Story. Ever. So happy to say that we adopted our horse puppy from a kennel. After our Benny died, we knew that is what we needed to do if we were going to get a new dog. What a touching story. I am definitely sharing.


    14. Debbie…….this is so touching. I rescued both of my beagles. dogs are the very best. My sweet little Abby was abused something awful it took about a year before she would trust my husband, she had such a fear of men it was so sad to see. The two of them are joined at the hip 🙂 Abby is my heart we have given her such a beautiful life. I can’t imaging life without my doggies.

    15. oh i am crying, too. i have two dogs, one was adopted from a shelter. when we lived in louisiana i volunteered for the lspca, but after working in the shelter i had to only volunteer at events because i would cry every ride home from working in the shelter…. i hated seeing those sad faces. it killed me. i still wanted to help, but i just couldn’t be in the shelter.
      i am fairly certain that we will always have dogs and that after rescuing our puppy jake, they will always be rescues. thanks for posting.


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