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Guest Bedroom Makeover

It’s about time for a proper guest room!

The last time my Mama was here, she slept in this room.

In fact I refer to it as Mama’s room…

Affordable ideas for a Beautiful guest room with neutral colors at refreshrestyle.com

When she was heading to bed she asked me if I had something to sit by the bed, a place for her watch and rings and a cup of water.

So I grabbed a bar stool and took it in there and she said this is great, thank you!

Not so great Mama!

Affordable and luxurious bedding from Crane and Canopy makes a beautiful space refreshrestyle.com

Any who, enough of that! Time for a guest bedroom makeover. I started searching online for an affordable headboard and I found one! A couple days later, I received an email from Crane and Canopy asking if I’d like to review their bedding! Ummmm, yes please, love it when something like this happens just at the right time. I have the perfect spot for it! I chose the Linden Grey Border duvet set, it’s as soft as butter.  Even though I have not slept on butter, I can only imagine that it would feel like this 😉

I will be adding art above the bed, something a little larger and more fun than that cute little mirror.

The windows will be getting some attention too. I grabbed some drapes at TJ Maxx this other day but they just didn’t work. They had a fun print on them and the color was a little off with what I had going on. They didn’t match the walls, the bed or the Linden Grey boarder. I’m back on the hunt…doesn’t bother me a bit!

Bed –  √, bedding – √ by now the room was on it’s way, you don’t have to spend a fortune and I’ll show you how!

She needed a hero, so she became one. Quote from stationery refreshrestyle.com

Let's decorate

  • Linen Tufted Headboard $180 at Walmart.com
  • Framed stationary for art
  • Lamps $29.00 each HomeGoods
  • Small Desk for nightstand from antique store $69.00 (and it was already painted)
  • Narrow night table from TJ Maxx $79.00
  • Striped Pillow Covers  $8.90 each
  • Water color Feather Pillow Covers  $5.59 each
  • shopped the house for books, candle and an ironstone bowl – to hold jewels or watch or whatever

The room started with the perfect wall color, Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

Small desk for bedside table, affordable room makeover at refreshrestyle.comOh yeah, that big throw is from the Pottery Barn Outlet, I bought it this summer when it was really hot and it was really cheap!

Room refresh with Crane and Canopy affordable bedding at refreshrestyle.com


All this has me wanting to refresh the master bedroom, I know… one thing always leads to 20 more!

Bedside jewel holder/ use an ironstone bowl at refreshrestyle.com

Love the base of the lamps, happy blingy little trees.

TaDa… it’s done! almost…

Frugal guest bedroom makeover with upholstered headboard from Walmart refreshrestyle.com

Calming and Affordable guest room makeover at refreshrestyle.com

If you’re ever in the area just let me know, the guest room is ready. 

Thanks for stopping by,


Thanks Crane and Canopy for the beautiful bedding!

Guess what? Update on the Guest Bedroom, we now have art above the bed!

Beautiful cozy farmhouse style at refreshrestyle.com


It was about time for a guest bedroom makeover!


  1. Oh Debbie, this is beautiful, so peaceful and relaxing. Isn’t it funny that Momma has her own room in our homes! My mom sure had one and I decorated it just for her! And she loved it!

  2. Oh my goodness, this room is speckle-tacular! Love the cow art above the bed. I’d like to reserve a night or two or three or four! 🙂 Gorgeous!
    Though I admit when you wrote “shopped the house for books, candle and an ironstone bowl – to hold jewels or watch or whatever” I was hoping for a “bell, book and candle” :))))

  3. Love the room!! I’m doing my guest room over as well. Where did you find the feather print pillows?? Thanks?

  4. Hi! Love this bedroom look you created! I wanted to know if the mattress was sitting on box springs only or what you used and if so, if there is just a bed skirt over them. Thanks so much!!

    • Thanks Sarah. The mattress is sitting on a box springs and the box springs is on a metal bed frame. There is a bed skirt over the box springs. I hope this helps!

  5. Could you tell me the paint brand and color in this guest room? It’s beautiful! Thanks!

  6. Where is the knitted throw from? Thank you!!

  7. Wonderful job!

    Where did you find that beautiful picture of the cow?


  8. This room is heavenly! It looks so inviting. Love the colors and textures in the room! Amazing!

  9. Shut up! That headboard did not come from Walmart?? They surprise me every time…gorgeous!! I love everything about this space. I know your Mama must love staying with you! XOXO

  10. Where’s the mini mirror from? That’s what caught my attention on Pinterest and I want it!!! Please email e let me know?

  11. I was wondering where you got the braided blanket from?!?

  12. beautiful! What is the wall color?

    • Thanks Bethany, the walls are SW Mindful Gray 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing the wall color! Your bedroom remodel is beautiful and exactly what i picture in my head for my home!! Again, thank you for the beautiful inspiration!! I look forward to following your blog! (Found and Repinned on pinterest)

  13. Beautiful room Debbie!….Love it all. and those lamps are wonderful….Need to visit HomeGoods…it has been a while….And, must say that the desk a.k.a. night stand was a great find!….Beautiful job Debbie. Your mom must love it!

  14. It’s absolutely beautiful, Debbie. Your mom will love it. I love it. 🙂

  15. Beautiful and cozy guest room Debbie! I love everything about it..


  16. Wow, looks so inviting!! it’s just beautiful. 🙂

  17. I love the transformation Debbie. AND the amount of money that you spent. You just proved that you don’t need to spend hundreds to get a stunning look. I think your mother will stay longer now (lol)

  18. Debbie – your guest bedroom is gorgeous! Lets just say we would go waaaaay out of our way to stay here LOL!

  19. I have that same throw and bought it at the outlet, too at that great price. Sure am glad I looked at them. Glad you have fixed the room up for your mama!

  20. It looks great, Debbie! Give your mama the boot and let me come stay there. TOTALLY kidding! I have a guest room to makeover too and I’ve been on the lookout for a super affordable headboard. This one just might work for me! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. This looks beautiful, Debbie! I’m sure your Mom will never want to leave. 🙂 Love Crane and Canopy too!

  22. It looks so inviting. What a great room and Crane & Canopy does have the most wonderful bedding.

  23. oh..mama is gonna be so happy. the room is lovely. love that bedding and how you put everything together. great job.

  24. Luvly Debbie. Packing a bag now…

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