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How to Make a Jewelry Holder

All natural, tree inspired…ok it was part of a tree.

How to Make a Jewelry Holder from a branch and a stumpHow to make a jewelry holder tree at refreshrestyle.com

I wear certain things daily.

Usually, I just take them off and lay them around the house.

Lazy and pathetic…but it’s what I do.

Layer jewelry and wood watch refreshrestyle.com

You might find my Wood Watch on the side table by the couch.

Long necklaces fit great on a branch jewelry holder refreshrestyle.com

and a necklace or two hanging out by the bathroom sink.

How to make a free jewelry holder refreshrestyle.com

To remedy this, I gathered a few supplies and made a bedside jewelry stand…for free! Big thanks to JORD  For the Wood Watch and thankful for the woods beside the house for the natural jewelry holder.

  • find a sturdy branch
  • a small stump or block of wood
  • spray paint
  • drill with large drill bit
  • wood glue

Spray paint your branch.

Gage your choice of a drill bit by the diameter of your branch. Drill a hole in the stump or wood block.

Put a bit of wood glue in the hole and place your branch, make sure to brace it with something until it dries.

Beautiful wood watch and tree branch jewelry holder refreshrestyle.com

Perfect for long necklaces, rings, my JORD Wood Watch, bracelets…

and more!

Great jewelry holder for long necklaces refreshrestyle.com

Blue bead bracelets, I love to layer with my Wood Watch at refreshrestyle.com

Please tell me that you leave stuff laying around too…

Wood watch by Jord beautiful natural time piece refreshrestyle.com

Jord Wood Watch layered with wood bead bracelets refreshrestyle.com

JORD Wooden Watches

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Y’all these watches would make a great gift, they have a beautiful selection for men and women!

How to make the perfect natural bedside jewelry holder to hold your JORD #jordwatch wood watch

JORD Wood watches


  1. I adore this jewelry holder. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your crafty goodness on this week’s Monday Funday Party!

  2. My passion is the watches, and this here is unique! I see wooden watch for a first time and I am impressed. Well done!

  3. That is really cute Debbie. It’s so fresh and pretty.Super solution!
    And, that little scroll of watches had a wood watch with an AQUA face… I’m going to be needing that 😉

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