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How to Clean Wood or Brick

How to clean your brick entry, patio or wood deck…

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HomeRight How to clean your brick

Our front entrance has brick steps and a brick floor.

Love the look, when they’re clean!

As you can see, a good cleaning is long overdue.

Letting things go just makes it difficult to clean, not to mention the bad curb appeal! How many times do you look at the front door of a home when you ride by? It’s easier to keep up the outdoor appearance when you stay on top of home maintenance. A pretty entry is the first thing that people notice, it’s kind of like your homes smile 🙂

This mid summer spruce up is totally necessary, I wish it was once and done, but it’s not. Cleaning the brick is only the beginning of my entry makeover. I’ll be adding fresh plants to the planters, staining the door and freshening up the door decor.

You can use this same method to clean your wood deck.

How to Clean Bricks

  • sweep or use a blower to removed debris
  • create a mixture of warm water and non-chlorine cleaner (I used Oxi-Clean)
  • lightly wet the bricks
  • pour or spray cleaning mixture on to brick
  • use a scrub brush to scrub stubborn areas (I used my HomeRight Deck Washer)
  • rinse thoroughly

Below I did a quick video, I hope you will watch my process 🙂

Here’s the after, it’s looks so much better and it was easy to do.

How to clean brick, the after

My gel stain came today, so I’ll be staining the door soon. 

I need to make a run to Hobby Lobby to find the perfect flowers to freshen up the door decor.

The new plants look so much better than the brown remains of the spring flowers 😉

HomeRight Deck Washer

Watch my video to see what I did:

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  1. I would clean my front brick steps! Thank you

  2. If I won this deck washer, I’d clean the driveway and the concrete patio in the backyard.

  3. I would wash my sidewalk 🙂

  4. I can use this tip and cleaner. Our brick is getting a little dingy!

  5. What a difference – your steps look AMAZING! I love that you did not need to use harsh chemical and tons of elbow grease! I need this for our front veranda – it’s cement and it is so stained by algae – we’ve had so much rain here and I just can’t keep up with it!

  6. This would be an huge help in cleaning my deck. Due to water restrictions here in California, this would solve the problem of having a water restricting on/off switch.

  7. I would clean my front porch and driveway.

  8. I would clean my patio and my own brick and siding

  9. I would use it on my deck, my concrete walk way and perhaps my car. This seems like an awesome and handy tool that can perform any job. I really enjoyed the video.

  10. Our deck and our front sidewalk could use a good cleaning!

  11. This is great! I’d use it for the deck we hopefully have when we buy a house soon!

  12. definitely our little deck and i think this would work well on the garage floor too

  13. I would use the Home Right Deck Washer to keep my deck clean. We always seem to have a lot of debris on our deck so this would be wonderful to have. I may even try it out on an outdoor wood bench to keep that clean and fresh!

  14. Your entry looks very nice. You have inspired me to freshen mine. Hot summer days have not been kind to my flowers.

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