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Industrial Cage Light Bulb Cover

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What do you do when HomeTalk challenges you to find an object at Lowe’s and create something unexpected. Make something from something that usually isn’t used for that. Yeah, that’s what I said.

Industrial Cage Light Bulb Cover

inexpensive DIY with Farmhouse Flair!

DIY Industrial Cage Light

After several days cruising the isles of Lowe’s, I came up with Project #3. Don’t ask what the other 2 were 😉

Farmhouse DIY Cage Light #lowes DiY Days
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My mind was in the gutter…literally. This is a gutter strainer.

I know right, I never heard of these either. I was actually leaving the lumber isle headed to the restroom and and this silver thingy caught my eye.

How to make a light cage with a gutter stainer

When I saw the strainer all I could think about were those cages for the cool swag lights. And if you’re going to really get your swag on, you must have a vintage light bulb.

The gutter strainer is located in the gutter supply isle and costs less than $3. The bulb was a little over $6. 

I already had the awesome green light kit.

DIY Industrial cage light with Edison Bulb

This bulb! I can stare at it for hours, not really but it is pretty awesome.

Make a cage for your light - farmhouse industrial lookIt’s very flexible and it holds it’s shape.

Gutter stainer used to make a light cageExpand to fit around the base of the light.

Light kit for swag light
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The wire fits between these two!

How to make a cage for a swag lightPress the wire to form around the plastic base. It bends very easy.

Make a Cage for your swag lightWhile holding the outside with one hand, reach in through the wire strainer and screw the plastic bolt on. Be sure you catch the wire all the way around as you tighten. You can reshape the cage after it is tightened. It looks small but my had fit inside 🙂

Farmhouse Industrial Cage

How to make and Industrial Farmhouse Cage Light

Farmhouse DIY Cage Light

Make one: Farmhouse Industrial Cage Light

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    12 thoughts on “Industrial Cage Light Bulb Cover”

    1. You gave done it this time!! Excellent, excellent creation. I’m on my way to find the screen now. Literally! I can’t afford the expensive light cord, so I am going to use the $5.00 from you-know-where!

    2. Well – how cool is that! I kept wondering what the cage was made out of – I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “gutter strainer” ha, ha! We definitely know the Lowe’s products after this project! It was fun partying with you on this project!

    3. OK I am confused did i miss something on the light socket and wire, is it all one piece or is it two separate pieces?? And is it easy to find in the electric dept. I think I just found the pendant lights for my kitchen. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!!


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