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iPad Recipe Holder – Thrifty Makeover

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Can you believe it, I was asked to be part of the Thrifty Style Team! They must know me really well, I love thrifty finds!

I can’t wait to share my latest thrift store find. Be sure to see all the savvy ideas from my friends at the end of the post!Thrifty Style Thrift store makeovers

Trendy farmhouse iPad and Recipe holder all in one with this thrifty makeover.

I spotted this little podium I knew exactly where I would use it! That doesn’t happen often,.
Farmhouse Ipad - Recipe book holder thrifty makeover

I knew this little $4 investment would look great dressed in blue sitting on my counter.

Farmhouse Ipad - Recipe book holder thrifty makeover

iPad recipe book holder - thrifty makeover at Refresh Restyle using Folk Art chalk paint

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Clean your stand, make sure it’s dry. Stir your paint well and grab your (Purdy) paintbrush and start paining. Apply one or two coats of chalk paint, depending on your desired look. After the paint dries, use the sand paper to create a worn, distressed look. Wipe to remove dust. Use an old t-shirt or lint free cloth and apply the wax. I used the Folk Art white wax and love it! It’s perfect for toning down a color. I just love the look!

Thrift store makeover with Decor Art Home Decor Chalk Paint at Refresh Restyle

Thrift store makeover with Decor Art Home Decor Chalk Paint at Refresh Restyle

Thrifty makeover - iPad recipe holder at Refresh Restyle refreshed with Folk Art chalk paint

These kind of makeovers are super easy! Turn a Grandma dated wood piece in to a seriously trendy treasure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Grandma, I don’t want the Grandma’s attacking me!

Now go find your iPad recipe holder, I know it’s out there! Check Goodwill 😉

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    16 thoughts on “iPad Recipe Holder – Thrifty Makeover”

    1. I like the cookbook stand idea. I print my recipes on full sheets of paper now. Do you have any ideas on how to store them other than a binder? Thanks, Debbie

    2. I love your recipe holder stand thingy! The paint color is beautiful and the distressing is perfect. (I’m so bad at that)

      super cute!

      • I hope that it’s okay to help you….you said that you are not good at distressing so I want to share with you that is super easy an i actually found it on here! You will need a brush, Vaseline, old rag, and paint of your choice (even spray paints). The first step is to take your brush and use a thick coat of Vaseline where you would like to distress. Second step is to paint and let dry. Lastly take an old rag and wipe all areas where you applied the Vaseline. You can also use sandpaper if you want the distressing to be more in depth. I just prefer an old rag it’s so easy and I hope this helps.

        Debbie, I absolutely love this stand. I have looked and I’ve tried to find one but no luck. So I improvised lol. I found an old chunky candlestick, and then an old wooden tray that resembles the top of your stand and used wood glue and nails to make certain it would hold up and have a little tilt and then distressed. Also if you are unable to find something like what I’m describing you could use the candlestick and then a wooden cutting board and for the lip you could use a small piece of accent molding that mimics the shape of the whole piece that you found. I hope this was helpful. I love my crafty friends and learning knew things and finding all of our creativity and creations!


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