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Magazine Ideas

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Magazine Decorating Ideas

One of my favorite things to do is read at magazines.  I look for ideas that are affordable, simple and fresh.

I don’t want to buy new stuff, I want ideas on how to use the stuff that I already have.

Here are several changes that I made using what I had with ideas from magazines.

Click on the Photos to get all the details.


Spring Decorating Idea


Magazine Idea

Summer Painted Jars


Pottery Barn Inspired


cloche magazine copycat

Cloche Idea from Martha


Pottery Barn inspired party

Party inspiration from Pottery Barn



Christmas Table Idea






Christmas idea from Paula Deen

(includes 3 other nest ideas)

Lemon Pie

 Summer No-Bake Pie

What do you see when you look at your magazines?  I hope this helps you use what you already have.

(I always join Debbiedoo’s Copy Cat Parties)

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    18 thoughts on “Magazine Ideas”

    1. I would like to know why I wasn’t invited to that party up there! That punch looks delish!
      I’m going to start looking at my magazines in a whole new way thanks to this post. Love it all!

    2. What fun and inspirational pictures, Debbie! Of course your PB inspired bedroom is my favorite … although … wait … love the bottles, too! You are beyond talented, sweet friend!

    3. Hi Debbie, I’m crazy over magazines, too. And have kept way too many of them and yet have such a difficult time tossing them. Recently, I’ve been buying them for NookColor and I’m loving that they can be handy for years and not collect dust. My favorite of your photos on this post is the party beside the water. The colors are outstanding.

      Happy New Year,

    4. I still love magazines, too. I can’t throw them out. Some are 12 or 13 years old and I see different things in them each time I open them. Funny how I keep so many – even moved them across many states several times. Cute post, Debbie – as always.

    5. And you always do an amazing job! I am so glad you put them in one post. I had forgotten a few of these and they brought back smiles. Thanks for the mention too Debbie. I pinned this earlier before I even came to see it, because I loved loved loved the colorful picture.

    6. Wow Debbie I love them all. The colored bottles with flowers are something my house needs to give some pop of color since it is now winter and grey outside. I am off to start doing some pinning with this post! Happy 2013!!!


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