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Mini Garden

Mini garden with enchanting ideas!

They are everywhere.

Cute fairy gardens.

I have grandsons, keeping them in mind

(they call me YaYa)

I am using one of the How to Slay a Dragon characters.

Step by step directions for creating a fascinating miniature garden.

I lined the aluminum pan with the rocks and added the Miracle-Gro Cactus soil.

Succulents to use in a mini fairy garden.

Remove the succulents and place in the soil.

Great idea for a super cute mini garden

After the plants were placed I added sand to create a path, a small bag from Dollar Tree (I did not use all of it).

Create a mini garden, all the directions included!

I positioned the lucky bamboo at the end of the path.

Mini gardens are so easy to create - DIY your own!

I used a sheet of green moss to line a glass and metal tray, placed the roasting pan in and tucked the excess moss around it.

I bet you thought I was just going to have a roasting pan sitting around with my mini garden 😉 in it.

Use moss to surround a mini garden in a metal tray.

It looks like a large moss bowl with a mini garden growing in it.

Using sand to create a path in a mini fairy garden.

Cute, but not complete.

Add fun mini characters to create a fun miniature garden.

And then this guy showed up.

He just makes the garden come alive!

Go do something fun and unexpected!

That’s what I did!


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  1. Super cute! My son would be all over this! i could totally see a little battle taking place in the garden!! 🙂 Sharing this on our facebook page!

  2. Oh, I am definitely going to try to make one of these myself with your inspiration. What a great fairy garden you made.

  3. This will make a fun Mother’s Day Gift! I’m going to get started right away!

  4. That is so stinkin cute Debbie. I want to do something fun now with succulents. In fact, I was thinking on that the other day. They are kinda hard to kill.

  5. That is so cute! The caveman was the perfect touch!

  6. It’s quirky, fun and fabulous! You are one fun Ya Ya – you are probably the envy of your grandkids friends!

    Love the big, burly caveman – hopefully he’ll keep the garden tended!

  7. This is so great! I feel like I could actually put this together! Pinning!

  8. I have to admit that I did think you’re were going to have a shiny tin foil roasting pan sitting on your table. I should have known better. It came out very cute and the monster guy is a hoot!

  9. Love it! My kids would adore adding figures to our garden, although they might make them “walk” which would be problematic!


  10. That is just so cute, Debbie! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I agree , the ornaments are what make a mini garden ! Yours is adorable 🙂 you caan check out one of mine at
    http://makinghome-dawn.blogspot.com/2012/04/mini-moon-garden.html if you like 🙂

  12. the wild boyz love this, YaYa!

  13. What did the grandson’s say?


  14. Super cute! I was just looking at my empty flower pots this morning as I woke up with a cut of tea on the patio. Sad. lol I love this!

  15. that is the cutest! Now just add a dragon and your grandsons will think you created a living playset :). You know I am stealing this…too fun!

  16. too cute! i got an antique terrarium today and i plan to make one with my kids- we have two little frogs i found at the salvation army and my kids each got one to put in it when we make it. i can’t wait! i think i am more excited about it than they are. 🙂

  17. hehe Love it! Love how he takes ownership of the garden

  18. That is so cute I can’t wait to do this with my young’n……I’d love for you to share this with my readers over @CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet party going on now-Sunday night…..have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for the inspiration:)

  19. OMG Debbie that has got to be the cutest little thing ever. I loved How To Slay A Dragon. I have it DVR’d hehe. That just makes it. Over the top. Love it!!!! Coming over the steal it 😉

  20. oooops! I meant Yaya’s garden was the perfect addition!

  21. Debbie,

    I love your sweet tabletop garden. Yaya was the perfect addition!


  22. I love your mini garden, it’s so cute and unique!

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