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My Social Media Links

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I don’t know about you, but I love being social!

Whether it’s in person or on Instagram, FB, well you get the picture!

I like to know what you’re doing, where you are, what you’re buying or what inspires you 🙂

(I guess you could say that I’m curious, inquisitive or just plain nosy.)

My blog is my baby, always sharing and changing.  If you’d like to follow, please check out all the options on the sidebar. I share details here, 3 to 4 times a week.

For my social links, please click on the images!

I love the instant connection from all of these:

My most recent addiction social outlet is Instagram.  If I’m out and about, I can share instantly on FB, Twitter and of course on Instagram.  And you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

I am refreshrestyle on Instagram, just in case you want me to follow you.

I take the picture,

and then I grab a cup of coffee, sit down at the computer for 15 minutes 3 hours, I click on FB to see what you’re up to!

Twitter is moving up to 3rd these days.  After I started using Instagram and posting to FB and Twitter, I started getting

those little alerts from my phone.  You know the one where someone tweets about your picture 🙂

Even though I am an avid hoarder collector of magazines, Pinterest has fast become my favorite for inspiration!

And it brings amazing people to my blog 🙂

It’s a win-win.

You inspire me, I inspire you!

Google + is by far the newest social outlet for me, it’s growing really fast.

Their slogan according to Wikipedia is “Real life sharing rethought for the web.”

(I’m still learning about G+.)

I’ve heard that it’s great for your SEO.

So you can bet that I’m plussing all I can 😉

Sometimes I Stumble, but I don’t fall and you can find me here:

Sometimes I forget what social media I’ve signed up for,

if you run across something new

just look for refresh restyle

I might be there too!

I’d be happy to follow you 🙂

I think you can see I’m interested in everything!  In fact, I’m sitting here right now, drinking coffee and following someone…

Click on any of the images and follow!

Poofy Cheeks

    10 thoughts on “My Social Media Links”

    1. I have the same question as Kelly. I have Instagram but it won’t let me share on my FB business page – only my personal page – so I don’t use it. I will use it, and follow everybody, if I can incorporate it with my FB page, etc…

      But…I’m just like you. I need to be careful and watch the clock or I’ll socialize all day long and skip work.

    2. Love instagram (and so do my girls)! I just started following you there!
      Here’s to taking many beautiful pictures!
      One question, when you share on your blog FB page from your phone (instagram or updates), how do you do that? I thought it would only share to your personal page.

    3. Great post! I’m really enjoying all of the social media popularity lately. I think alot of bloggers are realizing how important it is to growing their blogs. My “pet project” this summer is g+. I’m hosting a g+ blog hop on August 4th (with some other gals you may know). I hope you’ll join us 🙂

      Shasta @InTheOldRoad

    4. I just started hometalk and fb blog page…it is sometime overwhelming…mainly because I cannot devote too much time to all the social media. I am sure, as the children grow, I will have more time to socialize with other adults 😉

    5. Careful, I’m going to start referring to you as a technological wizard!
      I signed up for stuff that I have no idea how to use, but I’m there for all the good it does me.


    6. I don’t stumble.
      I am on google+ (we’re connected), but I rarely do anything with it.
      I’m on instagram, but since I don’t have a smart phone, I have to transfer my images to my ipad, and then instagram them, so it hardly seems worth the effort!
      I follow you on pinterest, facebook, and here on your blog 🙂

      Blogging is quickly becoming my major obssession – I’ve had my blog for years, but it’s only this year that I’ve really amped it up; but it’s still just for fun – I don’t have any advertising, or sponsored posts. I have enough pressure in my real-life job – I don’t need any more 🙂

    7. oh my gosh…how did you do all this!! it makes my wee little brain hurt!! you are so good, and glad to know that I was already following most of these..:)

    8. What a gorgeously visual post. Girl, you are good!!!! I do everything but stumble. Maybe I should drink more tequila? Shan 😉

      PS-I am a liar and a drunk. I don’t “instagram” either. No smart phone.


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