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Oval Quilt Hoop Wreath

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Welcome friends, our Thrift Store Decor team is back! I found a few good things at Goodwill the other day, so I decided to make this Oval Quilt Hoop Wreath…

Fall ready with this quilt hoop wreath filled with lambs ear and pomegranate

Be sure to check out all the ideas for my Thrift Store Decor friends at the bottom of this post!

Here’s the lovely hoop that I found at Goodwill , I grabbed it up quick. I was a little sad that the inside hoop was missing. That didn’t stop me from making a wreath out of it though.

Oval Quilt Hoop

DIY steps for makeover

You will need:

I separated the leaves and pomegranates from their stems. Lay them around the hoop to create your design as a trial run before gluing. You can be as creative as you want. I plucked a few indiviual  

I purchased my stems from Michael’s but you can click the links above, I found very similar on Amazon.

Side note: our Goodwill has gone up on prices, I really didn’t want to pay $4.99 but I did!

here’s a quick video of the process…

How to make a fall wreath from a quilt hoop at Refresh Restyle

Basically, a two ingredient wreath. How easy is that!

Two ingredient idea for a fall wreath

Pomegranate and Lambs ear fall wreath idea at Refresh Restyle

This wreath is a perfect example of fall without traditional orange colors. I would even use this for Christmas, maybe just add a bow. What do you think?

Fall wreath idea using a thrift store hoop at Refresh Restyle


Fall wreath made from an oval quilt hoop at Refresh Restyle


Thrift Store Makeover idea

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Necklace Holder by My Repurposed Life

Serving Stands created by Petticoat Junktion

Oval Quilt Hoop Wreath by me 🙂

DIY Earring Organizer from Our Southern Home

DIY Weather Basket by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


Thanks for pinning and sharing our ideas!

Quilt Hoop makes a beautiful fall wreath

    23 thoughts on “Oval Quilt Hoop Wreath”

    1. This is really lovely. 🙂 I love the silvery white with the red popping out against it.

      All of our GW stores have gone up as well, but you got a bargain. The last time I saw a hoop like this one, it had a $12.99 price tag! Needless to say I didn’t buy it.

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Your faux lambs ear looks real. Love this. The pomegranates really make it pop. Love this and especially the thrifty aspect. Thrift upcycles are just so much fun! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. Can’t wait to see what you’re making next!

    3. Can’t believe they charged $4.99 for only half the hoop, robbery, greedy. Sounds like our Goodwill, still helping them pay for new building from few years ago now. Has always been expensive. Every tine I go in on senior day the prices are up more – again. Grand Junction I expensive – oil town so everybody prices everything like it has oil running thru it.
      But I digress, your wreath is wonderful, so simple and beautiful. Wish I could afford to buy some pics at Michaels since I love elements of yours but will have to make do with what I have or wait til payday. Since am so enthralled with yours that would be better idea or won’t be happy with it. You sure have inspired me, thanks.
      Happy weekend


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