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Personalized Message Board using Mod Podge Photo Transfer

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How to use Mod Podge Photo Transfer MediumMessage board with Mod Podge Photo transfer

I wanted to make something for the boys, and nothing is cuter than their new puppy Jack.  And if Jack could leave messages he would, so I thought I’d give him a little help 😉

Jack’s Personalized Message board using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium.

Mod Podge Supplies

The first thing that I did was paint my board with craft paint, which is optional.  I think it would have looked good with natural wood also. 

Painted board

Let the paint dry completely before going to the next step.

mod podge photo transfer

After you make a copy of your photo, trim around the image.  Leaving only what you want to transfer.

How to use Mod Podge Photo Transfer

I used a piece of wax paper to protect my counter.  I applied an even amount of Mod Podge Transfer Medium all over the copy.  Use a thick coat, about 1/16th of an inch.  You don’t want to see the image through it.  

Now you are ready to place your photo on to the wood.  Starting in the center, pat the image down.

Apply photo with Mod Podge photo transfer

 If any of the medium seeped out just use a damp paper towel to remove.

Let it dry for 24 hours, be patient, it’s worth it 🙂

wet cloth on photo

I waited 24 hours. I wet my cloth (you can use a sponge) and rung it out, not too wet.  I wiped it over my image, once it’s all damp you can see your image.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer

Here you can see where I’ve started rubbing the paper off, being careful not to rub too hard.

removing paper

Just keep rubbing and watch the image reveal itself.

mod podge photo transfer

After removing the paper and letting it dry, I sealed it with Mod Podge.  Now I’m ready to add Jack’s name and message.

Mod Podge gloss

mod podge photo

I can’t wait to use Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium again!

Mod podge transfer medium

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    20 thoughts on “Personalized Message Board using Mod Podge Photo Transfer”

    1. This is probably a dumb question, but, on the “ingredients” list, you describe a copy of the photo with dry toner. What’s dry toner? Would a photo printed out on my home printer do?

      • It has to be one from a laser printer. I had my printed at Office Depot.

        ps It may work with your printer, I just did what it said on the Mod Podge directions. Let me know if you try 🙂

    2. Such a delightful pup! I must confess that I have a bottle of Mod Podge that I bought last year but still have yet to open. I’ll have to use some of your project inspiration and get to gluing!

    3. Jack is such a cutie, and he’s so wise. I bet the boys love their message board.

      My dog, McCoy, only says things like, “Get me food.” “Take me out.” “Hey, I’m trying to sleep here!”


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