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Pillow covers from a tablecloth!

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I decided to make another post today, since the first one only consisted of putting a picture in a frame.  Before Christmas, on one of my few many trips to TJ Maxx, I found this beautiful tablecloth.  I had so many ideas for what I could do with it and not use it as a tablecloth.  I thought about curtains (for the room that I just painted), a bedskirt (for the same room) or pillow covers for those awesome 26″ square pillow forms (also known as Euro Shams!) that have been in closet for little long time!  Finally, closure for those perfect pillow forms!


Finished pillow covers.Steps for table cloth pillow covers.

    11 thoughts on “Pillow covers from a tablecloth!”

    1. Ok, I have reviewed your blog and I am now humbled and exhausted. I am in awe of people like you! I think you need to start some kind of business to capitalize on your talent. However, that might take the “fun” out of it. Whatever — I’m bookmarking your blog. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next or create.

      • Thanks Lawana! Keep me bookmarked, I am full of ideas. Now that I am blogging, I cannot procrastinate (I keep repeating that to myself, hoping that it will click!).

    2. These pillow covers are beautiful! You’re going to have to teach me how to make them… I might not be very good but I would like to try sometime 🙂

    3. You are so creative, just love everything that you have posted on your web…keep up the wonderful work…..guess you got your mother touch….Love ya


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