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Plaid Ideas – Bedroom

I love plaid! I created a collection of plaid ideas for the bedroom. Last year I used a little Christmas plaid in our master bedroom. You can add a touch of plaid or go all out. It creates a rustic, cozy, farmhouse feel in any home. Most of these are in the red plaid family but I do love any plaid color combination.


A couple of pillows or a throw look great. But how dreamy are these duvets and comforters. For our master bedroom it was all about the flannel sheets. The red and white plaid popped against the gray quilt. You can see it all here: Master bedroom and more.

Bedrooms in red and gray for Christmas

You can create beautiful winter/Christmas plaid inspired bedroom on a budget, I have included my Amazon affiliate links for your convenience to each item, be sure to check for sizing. These are from $29.99 – $149.


  1. Red Tartan Plaid

  2. Woolrich Williamsport Comforter

  3. Eddie Bauer Mountain Plaid

  4. Christmas Holiday Checked Plaid

Can you believe that last year was my first time to experience flannel sheets! I was really missing out, they felt like I was wrapped in a cozy flannel shirt. Loved them!


  1. Mainstays Flannel Sheets

  2. Cosy House Bamboo Sheet

  3. Cuddl Duds Heavyweight 4 Piece Soft Flannel Sheet Set

  4. Bordeaux Plaid Light Weight Flannel Sheets

I can see myself sitting by the fireplace watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel wrapped in one of these cozy plaid throws (in the $20 range). 


  1. Eddie Bauer Cabin Plaid Sherpa Throw Blanket

  2. Simplicity Plaid Polar Fleece Throw Blanket

  3. Mainstays Plush Gray Plaid Blanket

  4. Eddie Bauer Red Plaid Sherpa Throw Blanket

Throw pillows priced from $2.99 – $14.99 are the finishing touch. One of these would look great mixed or alone with your plaid decor.


  1. Cardigan Pillow – Steel Gray

  2. Deer – Scottish Plaid Pillow Cover

  3. Black Bear Square Pillow

  4. Tartan Plaid Pillow Cover

  5. Deer Square Pillow Cover

  6. Wolf Square Pillow Cover

Creating a plaid inspired bedroom is easy! Add a little or a lot!

Master Bedroom Christmas tour at Refresh Restyle

Our sweet labradoodle Murphy loves snoozing on the plaid bedding, actually, she loves snoozing anywhere!


  1. I love plaid..so glad it’s coming back in style!!

  2. Awesome suggestions Debbie! I think I LOVE plaid (red with gray)!


  3. Wow! Loving all these pretty plaids♥

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