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Spring Mantel

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It  all started with my newly painted mirror. 

Added an old wine bottle, I would love a real antique bottle. 

I used a galvanized bucket and live plant on the right, elevated with books. 

perfect pink flowers with the bunnies ears

I don’t think that I’ve decorated with pink before.

I wrapped raffia around the top of the wine bottle, put some TJ Maxx realistic looking eggs in a silver bowl.

It was so easy to peal the cover off the $1 books.

All the little details.

I love the refreshing look of the light colors.

What color says Spring to YOU?

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    43 thoughts on “Spring Mantel”

    1. Lovely Mantel!! I love the pops of pink!! : ) I’m actually quite partial to pink during spring time!

    2. Love, love, love it! Everything…all of it! So springy…just makes me want to open the windows!

      Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

    3. So Pretty and Fresh! Hey, don’t tell anyone the wine bottle is not old…they won’t know the difference. I have been hoarding some just like that to use sometime. I think they have that “old glass” wavy look. I like the way you tied the twine on the neck of the bottle.

    4. Debbie,
      Your mantel is certainly a true reflection of spring! I adore your sprays of delicate flowers and the touches of pink. Your display of eggs in a silver compote is beautiful. Thank you for the much needed inspiration as I sit and stare at my mantel begging to be ‘dressed’!

    5. I love it Debbie! It is so soft and definately says Spring. I have got to get me some $1 books and do that. I love the look.
      p.s. I am such a dork, I was already following you. lol!

    6. Debbie, I love the pastels you used in your mantel! It looks so bright and springy! I’m a galvanized girl- your bucket with the green plant is so cute! It’s all so pretty and fresh!

    7. Oh Debbie… you already knew I would adore it, right? It is so sweet and all “dreamy~Springy” with just the perfect touches of pink. “Our” bunny sure looks cute up there! If I ever get a fatter mantel, maybe mine will hop on up too? Thanks so much for sharing it!!

    8. It is really, really lovely! I don’t think I’ve ever used pink either, but you did it perfectly! I’m actually on the hunt for a galvanized bucket of some sort… I want to use it as a sink in our powder room!

    9. Your mantel looks so pretty, Debbie! It just screams Spring. I love the soft colors & the pink accents really pop. That galvanized bucket is great too!

    10. So pretty! I love the pink! I haven’t even started on mine yet. I wish these parties lasted longer, but it looks like (based on Debbiedoo’s) they are only lasting a day or two. Bummer!


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