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The Wingback Revisited

Back in July, I talked about how much I love Sarah Richardson and how I used her kitchen as inspiration for my own:

and then I found a couple of  wingback chairs under $40 and had a cute Marine and his wife help me load them on my truck and bring them home and hide them (from Mr. reFresh – because he loves it when I bring junk home) for a couple months and then chicken out on reupholstering them myself and taking them in to town and letting a professional do them for me. Well I got them back this week and I have been looking at them, sitting on them almost drooling on them, because I love them so much.

The fabric is perfect, it looks like burlap. But it doesn’t smell like burlap or feel like burlap.  My grandsons won’t say that it’s scratchy, because it’s not. They don’t like that scratchy fabric!  The fabric was $3.50 per yard from Sir’s Fabric in Fayetteville TN, I’ve mentioned it before, and it’s the best place in the world for fabric (my opinion, they don’t even really know that I exist).

They are different sizes, one for me and one for Mr. reFresh.

This is one project that I’m glad that I didn’t try to do.  I know my limits…not really.

I only have this before picture, but they were both shades of plaid.  Pinky, peachy, a little 80’s maybe??  I took pics at the Upholstery shop on my old phone and forgot to email them to myself before I got my new phone.  You get the idea:

I have the bench, the wing backs, now I just need that island location (where Sarah’s kitchen is!)


Hers (mine have the shapely legs!-totally not planned)

In my dreams!

I hope you’ll come back Sunday.  I’ve been working on another magazine challenge that Debbie’s having.

It’s October 31st at Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing.  Check out the details and join in!

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  1. Christina Hasemann

    I too love the wingback and purchased one from an individual. I am planning on reupholstering it myself. And was wondering if you had any advice on how you did yours?

  2. This fabric is gorgeous. Great site Im a new follower.

  3. GAH! agian with the SPORTS. Grr :/ lol!!!!

  4. They LOOK gor-ge-ous!! And I love how your chair is more girly with the curvy legs. So cute. YOU missy have a fantastic view, I don’t want to hear about an island 😉

  5. so pretty! And Mr. Refresh is looking pretty comfortable…maybe you should have used the real burlap? Another magazine copycat? I better get cracking!

  6. Gorgeous!! Love how those turned out!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  7. Love those chairs – what an awesome find! Do you know what kind of fabric you bought? I don’t like scratchy burlap either, but I love the texture it gives…

    Visiting from Transformation Thursday ~
    Rhonda @ home.made.

  8. Beautiful chairs! You got really good deals on them and the fabric was a steal. I wish we had fabric around here for those kind of prices. I’m a Sarah Richardson fan too ~ love her farmhouse the most, but the lake house is a close second.

  9. Timeless is right! I love them. I just don’t get how people use the burlap for pillows and chairs, it is SO itchy and it fades. What a great idea to use wing back chairs for a dining room, that Sarah, she is so cre8tive and such a great designer!

  10. Gooooorrrrrgeeeeeeeeeeeeeous!

    Love the new fabric – what an amazing improvement. Ahhhhhh… now I’m dreaming of wing back chairs… again!

    Take care,

  11. I love how your space has really come together……..you can never go wrong when you follow Sarah’s lead 🙂 Tommy is not too bad either…….I would love to have a sidekick.

  12. Love the chairs and your style! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’ll definetely be following yours….beautiful!

  13. I love wing backs at the end of dining tables! I think you could have reupholstered the chair… I did one and it was not as hard at I thought it was going to be. But I had to do it myself…there was no $ for a professional! Love the fabric!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  14. Another gorgeous post! You are so stylish and I love your great pictures.

    Best wishes and happy Friday,

  15. I adore that fabric and have been looking for something like that to use on some great antique chairs I bought recently. Any chance you know who manufacturers it? I actually would like it a tad darker, but for that price! I’d take it. Great job!!

  16. I *love* how the chairs look! That fabric looks like just what I want for a chair in my living room…if I could ever find the right chair! Maybe I’ll have to send YOU shopping for me! 😉
    Thanks for your kind comment on my suitcase wall!

  17. Beautiful! Tell me, what is the difference between ‘his’ chair and ‘her’ chair? Do you find the wingbacks too low for comfortable eating at the table? Love the new fabric!

  18. Loooove these chairs! What a beautiful space. Thanks for the tip about Sir’s, I’m in Winchester, TN quite often and now I know its worth the drive on to Fayetteville. I so enjoy your blog.

  19. I love your new chairs! The fabric is perfect for them- timeless and clean. Thanks for entering my giveaway- good luck!

  20. Hi Debbie,

    Great makeover and what a steal on the fabric…Amazing!
    Love the look of them against your table.
    You are going to enjoy them for years to come!
    All the Best,

  21. This is adorable!! Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!!

  22. Your chairs look wonderful! I especially like that they are so similar and yet not a matched set. I love Sarah’s Georgian Bay cottage too.

  23. Tickled to find your wonderful blog. The wing chairs at the country table look absolutely fabulous. Love the look of different chairs at a farm table. And your fabric is outstanding. I have an antique farm bench, two old chairs and a wing chair at my country farm table and love the look.

  24. I really enjoyed the episoded when Sarah was remodeling her cottage, especially the kitchen.
    Such pretty chairs and the fabric is wonderful! So nice!!!

  25. Those chairs look amazing. I love the color and texture of the new fabric. Just gorgeous.

  26. Your chairs are wonderful! That fabric sounds like a dream and you will never tire of it.

  27. I love Sarah Richardson too. I have all her new Sarah 101 shows saved on my DVR. I have used her for inpsiration too. Can’t get any better than that. Your wing chairs are perfect. Well done!

  28. In recovering the chairs you’ve created a treasure. You’ll always be glad.

    I see pretty blue and white fabrics on you bench cushions. I’ve been looking for blue-gray and white. Will you share the fabric name if you can recall? Thanks

  29. I can’t believe the price on the fabric that is a great deal!

  30. Those are wonderful and that fabric is perfect! Great choice on that, funny you hide stuff from Hubby….I have done that too!

  31. Wow that is a transformation-really beautiful chairs. Perfect choice of fabric too.

  32. Debbie those chairs are beautiful and I love the fabric! They look perfect with your table. Martina

  33. I’m so glad I found your blog – I’m a new follower of yours. I’m a Sarah Richardson fan as well, and I have several pictures of her cottage (as well as several other rooms of her house) saved for when we redo our kitchen. I love the color of her kitchen cabinets, though I’m not sure I have the guts to try it or not. Your chairs look amazing – great choice of fabric. I love how you say you know your limits, or not…made me chuckle because I can be that way too. Looking forward to seeing more projects.

  34. Your chairs look gorgeous at your table! Love your choice of fabric. Love the pic of your husband.

  35. Hi…love the way the chairs reFreshed! What type of fabric is that if not burlap? And does the fabric store have an online store?


  36. Your chairs are fantastic and I love the fabric. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  37. You have caused my mouth to drop open once again! Actually twice…one time for the gorgeous chairs and the other for the price of that fabric. LOL! They are just so beautiful and look absolutely perfect with your table. Love the pic of your hubby! 🙂

  38. Debbie, They are beautiful chairs and the neutral fabric will go with everything. Great choice! Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  39. That fabric is gorgeous and I love those chairs. I can hear the excitement in your writing.

  40. Linda@Coastal Charm

    These are wonderful and I love how they look at your table…GREAT looking fabric!!


  41. I was so excited to see this post, because I am trying to do the same thing! I really want wingback chairs for my dining room, but I’m having trouble biting the bullet and buying the chairs from craigslist. Yours came out beautifully and have re-inspired my search for the perfect wingbacks! Love the fabric you chose.

  42. The chairs look amazing! I love the fabric that you chose….burlap look without the negatives of burlap.

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