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Thrifted Glass Decorating Ideas

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Hey guys, welcome back to our monthly thrifty style decor ideas! Today I am sharing one of my favorite decor secrets! I love using free or thrifty jars, bottles and glasses to decorate my home!

I either have a serious problem and need to be recycling or I am brilliant!

Thrifty Decor Ideas using glass jars

A cabinet filled with old soda bottles and aqua mason jars makes my heart happy. I use them for every season. Beside the bed, on the table, plopped on the mantel

Aqua mason jars and soda bottles are perfect for holding hydrangeas on the mantel

You can find Mason Jars at just about any antique store and they are so affordable - you'll want to grab every one that you see

I see these aqua mason jars everywhere and they are very affordable!

You can find Mason Jars at just about any antique store and they are so affordable - you'll want to grab every one that you see

I use them on my nightstand too!

Aqua mason jar filled with hydrangeas on the night stand

Mason jars filled with blue water makes a really pretty vase

You can add food coloring to the clear mason jars for a fun pop of color. Love it with the azaleas!

Azaleas in mason jars with blue water are perfect for the dining table

Set the table with thrifty wine bottles used for vases

I don’t always buy wine in big jugs but when I do, I save them to use on my table!

Old wine bottle used for vases. Perfect use for thrifted glass jars

Bedside flowers in mason jars - love the pink tones

Another free jar that I love to collect are the spaghetti sauce jars that are actually mason jars too! I’ve been known to spray paint those! Love the pink hydrangea in this one!

Spray painted mason jars made from old spaghetti sauce jars

Dollar store jars used as vintage style vase

Some jars are just a dollar and they look like vintage milk containers.

I’m not too picky, I’ll keep just about any glass or jar that can hold water ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    10 thoughts on “Thrifted Glass Decorating Ideas”

    1. Love these tips, and I love vintage glass! So pretty. Also, I just got the exact same feather print that I see over your nightstand. I’m obsessed with it! Having it framed as we speak.

    2. “I don’t always buy wine in big jugs, but when I do….” —-that’s hilarious and such a great way to use those jugs! You have inspired me to drink more wine just so I can accumulate a few jugs for decorating! They do look awesome on that outdoor table with a few simple stems of garden treasures. It would also look great with a huge bouquet of hydrangeas! Thanks for the ideas!


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