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Painted Farmhouse Table X-Base

I love sharing affordable ways to refresh your home, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post!


My search for the perfect and affordable farmhouse table has ended!

We moved a couple years ago and I filled my kitchen dining area with my (round) former dining table.  It never really felt right. I envisioned a lighter color rectangular table in the space.

With just a little paint and gray stain I created exactly what I had in my mind.

This is a great option if you want to customize piece.
Farmhouse table makeover Better Homes and Gardens table transformed

The family room, kitchen and eat in area are all color coordinated now.

You can create a painted farmhouse table that fits your decor perfectly too! Just think, any color will work. I actually bought all the paint and stain while I was shopping at Walmart. How much easier can that be?! Well, it can be easier if the original stained piece works for you 😉

A view from the entrance and into the family room with a peek of Murphy relaxing on the sofa, she’s always close by just in case I need her! The colors in the space have a better flow not to mention the table fits better in the tight space.

Farm table painted gray with x-base love the light and bright dining area - DIY furniture makeover from brown to fabulous gray

Light and Bright - Love the base of this farmhouse table perfect in gray tones

For your convenience I have included affiliate links to the products that I used.

A little about the table I chose to refresh: Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Table. The table has two pairs of crossed legs with a center beam and it can seat up to six. There are matching chairs too, the Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Chairs – set of 2 for $80.



Here’s what I did to transform the table:

  1. Sand down to the natural wood – if you are painting the table, you don’t have to do this. (Be sure to wiped away all the dust.)
  2. Stain the table top with your choice of color – I used three different colors of stain to create a weathered driftwood appearance.
  3. Paint the base – any color (I used Waverly Inspirations chalk, color: Mineral)
  4. Top coat the base and top with a protective varnish (do this after everything has dried according to directions of each product.)
  5. If you want to distress the table base, sand lightly in places where wear would occur – then apply the top coat.

How to create a farm table from a Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing table available at Walmart

The table comes unassembled, but it doesn’t take long to put it together. I started sanding and painting right there in the garage. Be sure to wear a mask and ear plugs.

Sanding and layering stain to create a driftwood finish

The base color stain is gray, follow by dry brushing antique white stain and a little brown for highlights.

Creating an x-based farmhouse table

The base is painted (still working on sanding the top).


Creating an x-based farmhouse table

I love it when a room comes together! The new refreshed table looks great with my 17 year old chairs and my farmhouse coffee bar. My life is complete!

We’ve enjoyed a few meals here already.

White bowls and natural placemats

Gray can be a little cool, so I add warmth with serving pieces, like these beautiful natural place mats and wood salad bowl. Currently the Square Jute Placemat is available in 3,000+ stores, I found a similar one if you’d like to order online: Better Homes and Gardens (4) Twisted Vine Jute Placemats.

Love the wood bowl - it adds so much warmth to the table

Natural wood salad bowl from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart

Wood Salad Bowl | Large White Salad Bowls – 4

Simple centerpiece of potted lavender and an equally simple meal idea, fresh salad and yummy bread.

Farmhouse table makeover - Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Dining Table

Farmhouse dining space with painted x-base table from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart line of furniture

Copper Silverware from Better Homes and Gardens Walmart line

Copper Flatware

Copper flatware and farmhouse ticking napkins mix well with the faux driftwood stained top.

Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart Copper Flatware

Setting the farmhouse table with farmhouse napkins - easy to make with 1 yard of fabric and this free printable

Love the base of this farmhouse table perfect in gray tones

Guess what, the collection includes so many options: More from the Maddox Collection

Gray Farmhouse Table Makeover - Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Dining Table

I’ll be sharing details about the table finish later, I hope to create a video about the 3 step stain idea.

Sometimes we think that we can only paint old thrifted things but that is so untrue! Clearly this paint transformation proves that. The hardest thing about this was deciding on a color, y’all know how I love turquoise and aqua. I really think either of those would look great too.

Gray Farmhouse Table Makeover - Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Dining Table

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Ps. Click to see how to make these: Farmhouse Napkins – They look great with the Better Homes and Gardens Square Jute Placemats:

Driftwood table top for a farmhouse table



  1. OMG just like everyone else I love this makeover.

    Even more in love with your curvy scalloped chairs!

    Where are they from…they are fabulous. <3

  2. Where are your chairs from? The linked ones are not the same and I LOVE YOURS! (Sorry if you already answered this)

  3. This is all just perfect! I cannot wait to do my own kitchen like yours! Can you share where you got the highback bench setee? It all goes together perfectly!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! What a great space!
    I have to know where you got the chalkboard with the Acts scripture!! It’s darling!!

  5. Looks amazing. What varnish did you use for the top coat?

  6. Your chandelier/drum pendant! Perfection! Is it available to buy anywhere?

  7. Love the entire space! My hubby built a farm style table a number of years ago, and it’s time for a similar refresh. Having my interiors painted a light gray, and this technique will be great with the new fresh look. Can you share where you found your gray and white striped curtain panels?
    I may copy your entire room! Going to make a chalkboard too, but framed in a dark stain to bring in the flooring color, and warm it up a bit.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  8. I truly love this makeover! The color is perfection in your home.

  9. Love the table! I am terrible at deciding color choices! I recently painted my (hand-me-down) dining table a lovely white and distressed it! Turned out LOVELY…now to decide on my chair colors!! Lord, help me! Your house is beautiful!!

  10. Your home is so beautiful and inspiring. I look forward to ideas and copying from you, every time I visit. Thanks so much!

  11. Very nice! I wish I had your confidence in doing a project like this

  12. Love the grey stain!!!!

  13. I think I might actually be able to do this! I wanted a project to give to a family member who moved recently and this is it:)

  14. It all looks so lovely. I love it all!

  15. It turned out great Debbie! Looks perfect with your chairs.

  16. love how that table came together, so pretty

  17. What a great idea! I love to refinish furniture….whether it is new or old! When my mom died at 99 years old, she wanted me to have my grandfather’s trunk that he carried with him on a stage coach when he was a young man…from Virginia to Oklahoma. When I started looking at it, I realized that it had been several colors through out the years. It was almost impossible to establish the original color so I’m refinishing it a dull grey with the metal to hold it together a darker grey. Hope I can get to it soon!

  18. You did an outstanding job and love your vision for this table! Good point about painting new furniture too, we never really think about painting something new to fit out style… I have the same style base from Pier 1…hmm I may just redo it!

  19. Hey Debbie,
    So much hard-work and awesomeness I’m seeing here. This is just outstanding!!

  20. The table is beautiful. The room is beautiful ……….. Love it all.

  21. Love what you did! I just used Mineral by Waverly on a piece I`m using for menus, notepads, etc. in my kitchen. Great color. Well done!

  22. What a darling table. You can dress it up or dress it down. What an inspiration. Thank you!

  23. Love all your photos Debbie! The table transformation is amazing but the details on all of the settings got me in love with this post!

  24. Christine Holliday

    What a brilliant combination of ‘stuff’…it’s stunning!

  25. I love the three stain idea and your table and chairs are gorgeous together. Thanks for always inspiring me!

  26. This turned out so fabulous! Love, Love, Love it!

  27. amazing and I just love the copper utensils

  28. Absolutely love it. I lost all my project in the recent flood. So it’s a new start and this will be my first.

  29. I love the farm house table!!!

  30. Debbie – You did a fabulous job! I just love how the table and chairs blend seamlessly with your décor colours. Thanks you for providing such a clear and detailed description of what you did to achieve this look. I learn so much from you!

  31. Wow, Debbie! You totally transformed that beautiful table! Looks incredible! I love the table on its own – it’s got a great shape but the finish you did is so beautiful!

  32. Stop it right now. STUNNING, Debbie, so gorgeous!!

  33. Your room looks gorgeous, and the table is amazing. I bought a similar table from Target and I’m in the process of giving it a makeover. I kinda like your table better, wish I had seen it first lol. Seeing how pretty your table turned out is encouraging. I was thinking of adding galvanized metal to the top. After seeing how nice it looks with the paint and stain I think I’ll stick to that. Thanks for sharing, it’s so beautiful!

  34. Wow. It looks great, Debbie. Perfect with your decor. I love those jute placemats too!

  35. The table is beautiful and really does pull the space together wonderfully.thanks for sharing.

  36. Very pretty! The color is beautiful! I liked it withe only the base painted and the top dark also! Great job!

  37. oh wow! Debbie! Your table is is perfect! I love how it looks in your space, and your photography makes me ohhhh and ahhhhh.

    Loving everything, including that scrumptious chalkboard.


  38. Love it! Enjoy all the posts and helpful hints.

  39. I love the paint job, it is perfect! I wish I knew why some colors are so satisfying, but your colors are spot on!

  40. Table looks great!

  41. seriously a beautiful idea you had.. your home looks so inviting and gorgeous!

  42. Love the farmhouse table, absolutely beautiful!

  43. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

    Gorgeous. It all look so pretty. Beautiful room

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