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Thrifting Day Desk

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Thrifty Desk Makeover

Remember our big thrifting day, you can read about it here?

It was an awesome day and I’ve refreshed almost everything that I bought that day.

Thrifty Desk Makeover

Most of the desk was wood, but these ornate drawers and the top were some unknown material.

Thrifty Desk Makeover

Being an unknown non-wood product,  I broke out the big guns, Zinsser Oil Based Primer.

Thrifty Desk Makeover

The oil based primer worked great!  I spray painted the original handles.

Thrifty Desk Makeover

This paint color is BM November Rain.

Thrifty Desk Makeover

The desk was one of the first items in my booth.


Someone is doing their homework on it right now.

I guess…

be.refreshed =)

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    1. The drawers are wonderful on that desk. My mom has a headboard in that style – she should paint it white like you have here. Great job – as usual!


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