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Thriller, spiller, filler or

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is it, well never mind. I use the same theory for all my arrangements, real or fake. I know you’ve heard this before, you need a thriller, spiller and a filler to make it interesting. With that in mind, I excitedly approached the floral area at Hobby Lobby… to create Ashley’s (the winner) Door Decor. We had talked about her house and door colors, I was ready to create!  I love how they wrapped them as though they were fresh cut!

I think these look fun and interesting!

I used moss to cover the styrofoam.


Lots of greenery for filler! And spiller!!!


Woody pieces for thriller, along with the green fuzzy pompoms and yellow forsythia. A fun windmill just for playfulness. Her little boy will like it! And hopefully she does too!

Congratulations, again Ashley!

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    14 thoughts on “Thriller, spiller, filler or”

    1. This is so pretty!
      Wish I had one for my door this month!
      Thanks so much for following my blog. Would like
      to follow yours but I cannot find a link. Am I missing
      Let me know!
      Thanks so much.

    2. Love your door decorations! If I had any time, I would make one for mine. I have so many silk flowers and a craft room full of “crafty” stuff…just never enough time to get crafty! Doing cakes and income taxes. Fun! One of these days…..


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