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Tips for Sprucing Up for Fall

Tips for Sprucing Up for Fall

Tips for Sprucing up for Fall

Fall, my favorite time of the year.  Shhh…don’t tell Spring and Summer.

It’s the time year when things are crispy and worn from the hot summer sun.

Tips for sprucing up for fall

After the deck was painted.

I started on the flower pots!Before - Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture and #ad

They have worked overtime.  They’ve seen almost as many summers as me!

Sprucing Up for Fall #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture and #ad

You know me, if I can refresh it, I keep it!

I thought these lovelies had seen their better days!

Pots Refreshed with Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture and #ad

Let me introduce you to their new best friend!

Maison Blanche Outdoor Furniture Paint

Maison Blanche Outdoor Furniture PaintFull bodied and silky smooth don’t let that fool you!  This is one tough paint!  Maison Blanche created it just for your outdoor needs. In amazingly beautiful colors just like the indoor furniture paint! Don’t you just love it in Riviera!

Pots Refreshed With Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint

Check out the coverage! I only used one coat.  You can leave it be or do what I did! I waxed it with dark wax, to show all those awesome patterns in my old pots.

Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint in Ivory #maisonblanchepaint  #paintedfurniture #ad

I painted this large pot with two coats of  Maison Blanche Ivory Outdoor Paint.  I finished with the Maison Blanche Antique Dark Wax.  I am truly amazed at how much better this one looks!

After the pots dried it was time to add a little color!

Sprucing up for Fall

Much better!

Maison Blanche Riviera Outdoor Paint

Create a seating area to enjoy those cool evenings, if they ever get to Georgia!

Seating Area

I hung a Candlelier by a chain from our pear tree.

Add mood lighting:

Fall Refresh

Sit back and enjoy the most wonderful time of year!

Fall Refresh with Maison Blanche Outdoor Paint!

Fall Outdoor Refresh

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  1. Debbie,
    They say Thank You for Making them Beautiful again.
    Great Look I Love it

  2. That paint color is gorgeous Debbie! Even better it is for outside, very cool!

  3. I thought this was when we get permission to start ignoring our outdoor spaces ha ha! Your outdoor space is dreamy! Okay now I feel like I need to get out there and freshen things up…thanks for the push. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful place you have to sit and watch fall begin! I imagine you get all kinds of birds. I’d have my camera and a cup of coffee sitting next to me for sure!

  5. These are gorgeous and I love your deck! Just wondering what your pots are made out of? Also, where can one buy the paint?


    Jane xx

  6. dang, my first comment didn’t go through…glad I came back and checked 🙂 They look fabulous and can’t believe they are the SAME pots…Beautiful work as always!

  7. Hot dang girl those pots looks fantastic now!!!!

    PS: I’ll be right over 😉
    Save me a seat.

  8. Debbie….Your POTS look amazing…I can’t believe they are the same ones as before. I love the colors you chose too! STUNNING!

  9. Riviera may be my new fav color! Looks great outside!

  10. Georgia? I thought that was the Riviera. The FRENCH Riviera.

  11. WHAT???!!!! Maison Blanche has OUTDOOR PAINT??!!! I must get in touch with Shannon…this seems too good to be true!!! Love what you’ve done!

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