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Under Glass

It’s true  being placed under a glass cloche brings importance to any object.

I read about this decorator’s trick in the March 2012 issue of

LIVING~Martha Stewart

The article states that even your tiniest treasures can make an impact.

I gathered all my little inexpensive treasures.

Layering natural pieces, adjusting butterflies and resizing a twig.

Can you believe I got that little seed pot with those cute robin eggs for twenty-five cents?

This is the article from the Living magazine.

and if Martha says it’s a good thing,

I agree, so here’s my magazine copycat of

Martha’s Good Things.

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  1. I picked up a cloche like that at the thrift shop a couple of weeks ago and haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it…until now. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. It looks great. I love cloches. Your cloche is definitely a good thing.

  3. That is one great copy cat! Really cute!

  4. You are such a kick butt copy cat!!! That is cuter then the original. So sweet and treasure filled. I pinned that Qt 😉

  5. Wow, you got this one perfectly….even the nutshell! LOVE this.

    Have a great weekend, hon!
    Ricki Jill

  6. I love it! it came out almost exactly like the picture! wonderful job!

  7. I love it, and you’ve given me great inspiration because I never know what to put under a cloche !
    Thanks Fiona

  8. Move over Martha! Debbie has something she wants to show you 🙂 very nice Debbie!
    Martha is the best I’m just having a little fun.

  9. Wonderful copycat! I love cloches. You have done a beautiful job with this.

  10. Love the copy cat cloche – everything is tucked into the base so pretty.
    I enjoy playing with cloches and broke one today testing it to see if it would easily come off it’s base…it did!!! : (

  11. Your copycat is beautiful! It is perfect!

  12. Stunning, Debbie! I love all the elements and the dimension to this project! Nice copycat!

  13. Fantastic copycat! Stand back Martha!

  14. Oh….you did good!! real good! this just looks so incredible!!! Love it!!

  15. Martha would approve – and you don’t want to get on her bad side! She’s been in the joint!

  16. Martha better watch her back, that turned out amazing! I can’t believe it…

  17. Wow! I love it! It really does make all the little items look special. That pot with the blue eggs was quite a bargain. I saw your post over at the Magazine Copy Cat Challenge (of course).

  18. Thanks Deb…this is a beautiful copy!

  19. Darn good Martha, I mean Debbie. Guess I better get me a Martha Stewart magazine, I’m having trouble coming up with my copy cat and it’s almost here!


  20. Fabulous! I so need to get with the whole cloche thing! I’ll be on the lookout from now on!


  21. Looks wonderful Debbie … another A ++++++++. I love all of the colors and elements in your display! Martha would be proud !!!!

  22. Your version is more colorful and your base is much more interesting. Great display!

  23. Wow….that is so beautiful. I love putting random things under glass it does make them that much more special.

    Well Done

    Lucky 7 Design

  24. Awesome copy Debbie! I love the look of yours more!

  25. Very pretty…..great project!

  26. Wow – I love your “copycat” version! Way to go, Debbie!

  27. You did a great job. I love when a copy cat project turns out just right!

  28. I agree totally. I don’t have many cloches but I do have the tall glass candle sconces that fit into candelabras and have repurposed them by turning them into cloches from very small items. I have one of my spring stamped rocks uder one. It is so simple but makes such a big impact when creating a vignette. Yours looks awesome. I’m calling you Ms. Martha from now on!

  29. What a great copycat project. It really looks awesome.

  30. You are rockin this one Debbie. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think you have this copy thing mastered!

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