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3 Ways to Use Vintage Decor Moulds by Prima IOD

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Hello! I have some fun DIY ideas for you today! One is a thrifty find, an 80’s dish rack. A $1 chalkboard from the Dollar Spot at Target and the other is a cupcake topper and all I used was a vintage art decor mould by Iron Orchid Designs, thanks to Prima Marketing and IOD for partnering with me!

Bonus – They are food safe, you can use them with chocolate melts, as I have 😉

What do all of these things have in common?

Prima Vintage Art Decor Moulds by Iron Orchid Designs

Before and after - using IOD vintage decor moulds with Prima paper clay on a farmhouse plate rack

Perfect for my farmhouse look!

Revive a thrift store plate rack with IOD Vintage Moulds

Be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY AT THE BOTTOM! Easy entry and you will love repurposing and creating with these! We will have 2 winners! Each winner will receive 6 moulds and 2 packages of Paper Clay!

These moulds will change the face of dated thrift store finds! Or you can get really creative with new finds. I found an 80’s plate rack at Goodwill, and put a vintage spin on it. The little “enjoy” chalkboard is from the Target $1 – Bonus, the moulds are food safe! As you can see I dressed up some store bought cupcakes!

Serving area - Revive a thrift store plate rack

DIY steps for makeover

Supplies needed:

Plate rack

Prima IOD Paper Clay

Prima IOD Vintage Art Decor Molds

Wood Glue

Wood putty

Rustoleum 2x Spray Paint or Paint of your choice

Dark wax or glaze

Project #1 – Plate Rack Transformation:

How to revive a thrift store plate rack - from 80's to awesome french inspired plate rack

  1. Lightly sand the area.
  2. Add wood putty and let it dry. Sand smooth
  3. With wood glue attach the paper clay mould.

The Paper Clay is easy to use, pinch off what you need and roll around your palm or on a flat surface. Position the clay in to the mould. After pressing it in the the mould, I used a butter knife to scrape off the excess. I wanted the back to be as flat as possible. I then roll the mould over to release my design and placed it on a flat surface  to dry. The cast releases easily, the moulds are flexible and are very thick. I love the old world, vintage look of the design, the details are wonderful.

Creating a vintage mould from IOD decor moulds to refresh a plate rack bought at Goodwill - thrifty makeover

After your cast is dry, use wood glue to attach to your surface of choice.

Paint as desired. I used spray paint and dark wax to finish my piece. Look how perfect it looks! The depth and detail really shows up after using the dark wax.

Revive a thrift store plate rack with IOD Vintage Moulds- Molds and paper clay

Make over a thrift store plate rack

Project #2 – Cupcake Toppers!Food Grade - Iron Orchid Designs Vintage Decor Molds - great for candy or home decorInstructions: 

  1. Use your choice of  (White) chocolate melts – melt according to directions.
  2. Pour in to the food grade mould of your choice.
  3. Let it harden and add to your cupcakes!

Be sure to mark you moulds – food and decor 😉

Food Safe moulds - molds from IOD Vintage molds are great for candies and fondant

Cupcake toppers made with vintage moulds

Project #3 – Update a chalkboard with IOD Paper clay vintage moulds

You could easily use this method on any frame!Chalk board make over with IOD Vintage Moulds- Molds and paper clay


  1. Create your cast as shown above for the plate rack.
  2. After they dry adhere with wood glue.
  3. Brush dark wax over the dried clay to bring out the depth in each cast.

Make over a thrift store plate rack with IOD Vintage Moulds- Molds and paper clay

Revive a thrift store plate rack with IOD Vintage Moulds

Now it’s time for the giveaway:

We will choose 2 winners, each winner will receive a set of moulds (6 = set) and 2 packages of IOD Paper Clay. The winner must be 18 years old or older and reside in the lower USA.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Watch this awesome video for more details and fun ideas:

Let me share a little about IOD – 15 years ago two sisters, Josie and Sally started their decor business by creating beautiful wall finishes. Time changed and so did they, which lead them to the paper crafting market. It was then that they realized the need for creative ways to incorporate their love of DIY in to home decor. They have several beautiful products coming to the market, today I am sharing their Vintage Decor Moulds and Paper Clay. Over the next few weeks/months be on the look out for giant decor stamps, for using on fabrics and furniture. In mid-May you will be seeing giant rub ons for flat surfaces and roller stamps for fabrics, walls and furniture!

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Prima IOD Paper Clay

Prima IOD Vintage Art Decor Molds

    30 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use Vintage Decor Moulds by Prima IOD”

    1. I recently finished chalk painting & waxing 2 different pieces prior to finding out about IOD molds & I really want to add them to the final pieces. I’ve been searching the web to find out if the paper clay or hardening resin would adhere still to the poly wax coated pieces or would I have to recalk paint or use mineral spirits first?

    2. Your project came out beautiful. Did it wash off your dinner knife ok? Or were you using a spare one, How is the clean up.

    3. love the designs of the molds. love that they can be used for food, also! using them totally changed your
      thrift store rack!

    4. Fun, awesome and inspirational!! I am working on redecorating my bedroom and would love to have all of these molds to help in the transformation! I have loved IOD products for a long time and they just keep getting better and better!!! Thanks for the chance to decorate with style!

        • Thank you! I have 2 of their big stamp sets and one of their molds but would love to have them all so I can do even more! Thanks to you and IOD for the chance to win them alll! It would be a dream come true!

        • When will the winner be announced? I am praying so hard to the Crafting Goddesses that it will be me that I think they have me on mute! LOL Fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to win these amazing tools!

    5. I have an 80’s plate rack almost identical. I guess I need to cross my fingers to win the giveaway.
      The moulds are so pretty and they could be put on so many things for a “new” vintage look.
      Your three projects are really neat.
      Thank you

    6. Oh… Debbbie–I love the way your updated your plate stand. It looks sooo pretty. How awesome that the moulds can be used for chocolate too. 🙂 I too, am so happy to be working with Sally and Josie from Iron Orchid Designs.



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