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White Spray Paint ~ take 20

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I couldn’t help myselft!  If you love flat white spray paint, like I do.  Everything’s up for grabs!

Or any color of spray paint~Like this, this and this 🙂


Yard sales always have me asking myself the same question over and over.

Could I spray paint that flat white???

More times than none, the answer is always the same.

Most of the time, it’s just something plastic.

So the answer is Yes! I can spray paint that!

I think it all looks much better!

Are there any questions that you always ask yourself???

or is it JUST ME!

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    25 thoughts on “White Spray Paint ~ take 20”

    1. You can talk to yourself… just don’t answer back 😉

      White spray paint fixes just about everything!!! Well done!!!

    2. Love your refreshing things with spray paint! I’ll have to get busy and do some things over myself! It’s a great way to update things that don’t match your decor! Have a sweet summer! Linda

    3. Flat white spray paint makes almost anything beautiful, if not i reach for oil rubbed bronze spray paint. 🙂 Love how all your items turned out!

    4. Yes they do…all uniform and refreshed now! I have an ugly horse that is dying for some flat white spray paint!

    5. There is absolutely nothing (well, except my kids and the dog.) that wouldn’t look better with a coat of flat white spray paint on it. On second thought, the dog may be fair game. I’ll get back to you on that. LOVE the owls and the pigs are to die for! I’ve got a couple of cans in the cabinet. I’d better go, I think that the dog may know that something’s up. 🙂

    6. Wow, I have never done that! I’m always asking myself “could I brush on some Annie Sloan chalk paint and distress that a bit?” But now I’m going to have to go get some flat white spray paint tomorrow! 🙂

      Fresh Picked Vintage

    7. Wow! I love this idea here.. Actually, there are a lot of things I want to try this month.. I think you really gave me an idea here.. Thanks!

    8. I am totally addicted to white spray paint! I ask myself the question “Can one have too many things spray painted white?” WHITE is the MOST lovely and shabby color of them all! So, you go girl! Paint it white!
      Do you have one of those handy dandy trigger thingys? Get one if not! Saves your fingers!

    9. Ha ha! I do the same thing, except. . .”Wouldn’t that look so much better if I spray painted it Heirloom White, scuffed it up a bit and gave it an antique finish?” Love what you’ve done with the flat white. Robyn


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