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How to Add Interest to A Painted Piece

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How to Add Interest to A Painted Piece of Furniture:

You can paint every piece of furniture that you come across and it will look great.  You can crack open a can of white paint wait for it to dry and distress it a little and call it a day.  It will sell and the new owner will be thrilled.

But if you really want to turn heads and make her feel all special about herself.  Dress her up and show off her details.

Let me show you how.

 Add a contrasting color to an off-white piece like I did with these drawers.  Distress the edges and it will draw attention to the carved details.

Red Hardware

You know when you’re all dressed up with the perfect outfit, makeup just right, a great shade of lipstick…you know what I mean.  This red hardware completes her and makes it hard not to take a second look at this pretty lady.


And if a beautiful two toned paint job and red hardware doesn’t do enough for you, add baskets!

Blue and white with red hardware


She was a fast mover, she’s headed to a beach house.  You know I’m jealous 😉



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  1. Oooh, love this! Wish I could it put it in my (imaginary!) beach house!

  2. I especially love the dresser with the two baskets- such a clever idea.

  3. She is lovely and right at home at the beach, I’m sure! The red knobs are inspired, Debbie — the perfect pop of fun!
    xo Heidi

  4. You do amazing work Debbie, and funny because I can always tell your pieces from a crowd. You put a unique twist on them. Pinning:)

  5. So pretty! No wonder it sold fast. I’m actually painting my first two toned dresser today!

  6. I just love this piece. Did you start with a tall dresser? remove top drawer? This would make a great tv stand in a bedroom….can you purchase items from your website?? This is ALL MY STYLE AND TASTE!!! You certainly do beautiful work!! Thank you for sharing all your great tips and instructions!!!

  7. What a piece of furniture! Stunning!

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