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Coca Cola Crate Repurposed


I have a fun DIY to share today, I’ve had this forever and decided to create a side table with it: Coca Cola Crate Repurposed


Make one! Get the DIY Coca Cola Crate side table instructions at RefreshRestyle.com

Every item that I used was a left over from something else. I’m trying to repurpose things in my stash and not buy any junk until I’ve refreshed all that I have.

The legs are from a coffee table that I made 10 years ago, I got rid of the rest and kept the legs. The 3 boards for the top are scrap pieces from another project. And the Coca Cola crate has been moved around everywhere, while I was pondering what to do with it.

Coca Cola create repurposed - how to make a side table at RefreshRestyle.com

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You will need:

  • Crate
  • 4 Straight Top Plates to attach the legs
  • 4 Table Legs
  • Top for the crate
  • 2 hinges
  • Black & Decker Drill
  1. Start by attaching the plates to the bottom of the crate. The plates come with screws and using the drill makes it so easy. I didn’t even have to pre-drill, you can if you’d like, the wood was soft and the plates went on without any problems
  2. The legs, already had a bolt in them, so I just screwed them in to the plates.
  3. Now the bottom is complete, you could leave it like this and top it with a piece of plexiglass or glass. I decided to make a pallet like top for mine so I can sit a Coca Cola on it 😉

How to attach legs - make a vintage Coke Crate Table at refreshrestyle.com

I’m using the 2 speed 20 volt Black + Decker cordless drill, it’s perfect for jobs around the house. This has been a busy weekend for projects, I used it to build a simple bench this weekend also. I’ll be sharing it on Thursday.

The straight plates are great for adding legs to almost anything, I bet you’re already thinking about what you could do with them and this drill 😉

Attaching straight top plates for legs - make a vintage Coke Crate Table at refreshrestyle.com

I could have stopped right here, lined it with plastic and used it for a planter:

How to attach legs and make a vintage Coke Crate Table at refreshrestyle.com

I opted to make a top for my crate table, I used 3 pieces of wood and 2 pieces of craft board, wood glue and screws.

How to attach a hinge - make a vintage Coke Crate Table at refreshrestyle.com

After the top was finished, I attached it to the Coca Cola crate with hinges on each side, this way I can open the top and stash stuff in there.

I love using hinges and casters (no casters on this one).

To finish the project off, I painted the top and the legs to match. I wanted a worn weathered look to coordinate with my less than perfect crate.

How to attach a hinged top - make a vintage Coke Crate Table at refreshrestyle.com

Make one! Get the DIY Coca Cola Crate side table instructions at RefreshRestyle.com

Great idea - Easy DIY Coca Cola crate side table more info at RefreshRestyle.com

Easy DIY Coca Cola crate side table more info at RefreshRestyle.com


Coca Cola Crate – Pin it for later:

DIY Coca Cola Crate Side Table - get the instructions at RefreshRestyle.com



  1. Recently I found 3 coke crates from my husbands family side that once bottle soda here locally. They have all of the bottles in them as well. This would make a great side table next to where he sits on the couch!! Thanks for the awesome idea 🙂

  2. this is so adorable! i want to make so much. my next project is a seating area for outdoors.

  3. First of all, I love the coke beverage table. Second, if I won that drill I’d display it on the kitchen counter just like one of my well used appliances!

  4. So clever! Love Coca Cola boxes anyway and what a great way to repurose one. I’ll have to find an old table (or just old legs, and go for it. Would look great on my deck. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you have hinged the top so you can use the inside of the box for storage. You did a thoughtful, thorough job on using these wooden pieces.

  5. I love the Coke crate table! What a fun project you created. I would love this drill and saw and I know my hubby would love it more! I’m already thinking of all the fun things he can create for me! Great job!

  6. Love the table! Oh what I could do with the drill and saw! Make farm tables, crafts and home decor for my home! Actually my husbands drill and saw are on their last leg 🙂 because I keep him so busy! Thanks for your inspiration!

  7. Thanks for the great idea! What a cute table. I would use my black and decker cordless drill and circular saw to make a wooden cooler, with legs and casters. Love the thought of using it on our patio, but on the deck, also.

  8. My saw just died on me! I have two shutters that is screaming to be made into doors for a cabinet! So I would definitely use it for that

  9. I have a crate and some legs and want to make a foot stool. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Always crazy for Coca-Cola items. Love your table.
    Thanks for the give away.

  11. I have a broken down wooden outdoor storage box that I need to do something with.

  12. Athena Emmanouilidis

    I have always wanted to make an infinity mirror for my living room.I also love restoring wood furniture whenever I have time.I want to make a kitchen island as well.If I win I’ll have the tools to create these beauties.

  13. So Cute! My trusty Black and Decker of over twenty years is ready to be retired. I’ve always got a few projects going with many more on stand by. I would love a new drill for the next twenty years and for fabulous projects like your crate table.

  14. Love this, such a neat idea! Thank you for sharing.

  15. I love this! I would make one if I won the B&D tool!!! Thanks for sharing! Love your site!!!

  16. Love this table from the coke crate. The tutorial makes it look doable. Next time I see a crate, I will snap it up.

  17. cynthia Hilliard

    Oh goodness gracious! I have been saving this really cool headboard and football,because I’ve been wanting to make a bench ! But I don’t have any tools. So I subscribe to your blog anyways,just to get more cool ideas for when I do get some tools !

  18. I have an aunt with a Coca-Cola sun room. She would love this! May have to try it out! Great giveaway!

  19. I used to have a lot of these crates.. given them away or left them for other people. Love this idea.

  20. Joetta Colquette

    Would love to win it to make a sign for our driveway~ From Interior Alaska 😀

  21. I’d love the tools because I’m dying to try and convert a headboard into a swing for my porch!

  22. I’ve always loved the look of old crates. I just never had any idea of what to do with them or where to put them….Great Idea! There are several antique shops in the town I live in, I think I’ll be making a trip to town very soon. 🙂 On top of needing tools for this project, I have a house that is badly in need of repairs. I’ve been a widow for 23 yrs. I’m now retired after working in the dietary department for a local hospital for the last 45 yrs. With time on my hands & so many projects, I would love to win these.

  23. Love this project! I am going to steal this idea for my lake cabin. My cabin is a work in progress. Lots of love and repurposing going on. I would love to win the power tools. They would come in handy!

  24. Now this is an awesome way to repurpose an old beverage crate! Love this idea and have a few Canada Dry vintage crates kicking around and now you’ve got the ole wheels churning in my head. Pinning to share and to show my husband 😉

  25. Love you project. I would use the drill to make a wood toy storage box for the kid’s play things. Thanks for the chance 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  26. Your side table is fab – love it! Thanks so much for sharing your crafty inspiration on this week’s Monday Funday Party!

  27. I have always wanted to have some TV trays for those times when we eat dinner in the living room, so I would use these tools to make that. Ideally I would make folding tables, but my skill level may not be ready for that.

  28. I want to make a modern coffee table with hairpin legs but I don’t have the right tools.

  29. Love the idea of repurposing what I have. The side table us wonderful. I am trying to learn all of the new DIY how to’s so that I Canberra more self sufficient around my own house. I hate bothering someone to help me create something! LoL

  30. What a cute project! I would love to make one of the benches made from and old headboard and footboard. Thank you for the chance to win!

  31. Lots of to-do projects around the house as well as some furniture I’d like to fix up.

  32. I love your emails I receive. I would use the tools to build my grandsons a tree house that they have been bugging me to make.

  33. This is a great idea and I know already where I would use it.This is a great site full of fun rediscoverings. Thanks for awesome ideas and keep up the amazing work. As a side note I could definately use a new drill and saw since mine are wearing out from projects.

  34. Very nice idea. Would like to find some old crates like that.
    Would give t h e drill to the wife to use for her projects.

  35. Your Coca Cola inspired table is just adorable! You did a great job. I want to make a tiered Plant stand for my porch to put my flower pots on!

  36. I have a little refurbishing shop and am always redoing something. I feel you can never have to many cordless drills. Besides the come in handy when your doing a projects.

  37. Oh that is so cute! What a great idea to repurpose! I would love to use these to great a raised garden bed! I currently container garden, but would love to make some raised beds to switch to!

  38. I love this idea and I have about a zillion projects I could use a cordless drill for. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I desperately need to build an island for in my kitchen. There is no where near enough counter space. This would certainly help!!

  40. This is so lovely and has a nostalgic feel. This looks like something that would do well on Flea Market Flip.

  41. Hi Debbie. This side table is absolutely charming! You have completely inspired me to make a table with not one but two crates I just picked up at an antique show last weekend. The drill would be perfect as I do not own one and usually turn a screwdriver by hand so having this drill would be a blessing…especially for someone like me who has arthritis in my wrists. I am a crafter who handmakes my creations from the heart so I look forward to following you and your ideas. Thanks

  42. I love the pop of red color. What a great re-purpose. Oh and pick me, pick me 🙂

  43. I would use this drill to help rebuild my patio. what an awesome drill

  44. This Coca Cola crate side table is really awesome. I have been collecting Coca Cola items for about 15 years. I would love to win the Black & Decker drill to make something out of Coca Cola crates myself. I have owned and used Black & Decker drills, saws, etc for a long time. I have used mine so much that the batteries are starting to not hold a charge, so I could really use this around my house! Thanks again for sharing this really neat creation. of yours.

  45. Such a cute project!

  46. Great idea! I’ve got a yellow Coke crate in my basement that’s just sitting there needing a purpose in life. Maybe I’ll go give it one! 🙂

    And I could use a drill as dad and daughter are re-building her deck and things would go a lot quicker with two drills instead of just one. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  47. I have a crate just like that hanging on my kitchen wall. I might just give it a new life. I could use some tools. My sister and I have recently had to clean out our grandmother’s house and we have found “treasures” we would love to repurpose, so new tools would be great! I love to see all your neat ideas.

  48. That is so cute & a cleaver idea. I recently bought two pop crates at a garage sale for $7 each and may have to make a side table with one of them

  49. Would love to have a drill of my own! I get so many ideas from you. Thank you.

  50. This is such a fantastic summertime up-cycle! I think it will nicely accent our beach-style Florida room – I appreciate the decor that has a practical use too. Can’t wait to try this one out by myself – the kids will be so impressed if mom uses the drill without dad’s help (tee-hee!)

  51. Leigh Anne Borders

    This turned out so nice! I love it. My husband and I are actually working on creating something out of an old sink we have. We are going to turn it into a planter and place it in our island.

  52. Cuteness overload! I adore this! It looks great with the chair fabrics. You are so creative!!!

  53. Oh what I could do with that awesome drill from awesome projects such as yours to hanging pics endless is the possibilities

  54. I just Love this idea! I have a Coke container like this one so you have giving me a great idea to make this for my deck. Thanks again for sharing…

  55. Cute project Debbie! I have a coke crate that I have been shuffling around the garage for several years now….

    I would definitely be doing some diy projects, mostly likely CHAIR projects, because I’m trying to use them all up!


  56. Karen Baumgardner

    What a cute table! My next project is making a bench from a headboard and footboard found curbside – and that saw and drill would be PERFECT !!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  57. This is darling! I’d have to build something for my new outdoor area with those new tools!

  58. Well that’s a great idea! I sure would love to win this giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity

  59. Very fun project. I could picture the crate filled with succulents as another alternative project.

  60. Super cute project.. I would use the tools on my many projects including fixing up my chicken coop.

  61. Hi, I love the coke table! I love repurposing old items and the vintage “Coke” look is very cool. Would love the opportunity to win the drill and saw for some work around the house – putting glass in my kitchen cabinet doors, replacing moulding… . Thanks for sharing this project!

  62. Love the table! I would love the powertools to use on the kitchen island my husband & I are planning to make for a Christmas gift for our son & daughter-in-law

  63. Love it and it looks easy to make! Perfect for the patio!

  64. I saw the great Black & Decker 20V MAX*Lithium 2-speed Drill/Driver as your giveaway today. I love it as well as your repurposed Coca-Cola crate. Perfect idea!

  65. That looks great and looks easy to make!
    Great job!

  66. I love love the old Coke crate table. I live in a house that was built in 1906 and try to decorate to stay with the style of the house.. This table would look great sitting next to the rockers on the front or back porch. Thanks for sure a great idea.

  67. Linda Louise Weeks

    great project, just the right size to take on – I just happen to have a crate that is similar to this one… thanks!

  68. What a neat idea! I have an old Coke crate and this is a wonderful use for it! Thanks for the tutorial and for sharing.

  69. This is such a fun project. I love old Coke crates, and those legs!!! So cute! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  70. What a cute side table. It’s great to be able to store coasters and what nots in there so they won’t blow away. Did you seal the coke box? I’d hate to see the wonderful colors fade in the weather. I get my husband to use power tools for me. They hurt my hands. His drill just went to the Great Tool Chest in the Sky. It would be great to win this for him.

  71. I love the way it turned out!

  72. I love this project! I am currently planning some new book shelves. New tools would be a huge help!!

  73. I love your coco cola crate side table its so adorable!! I could use these tools I just got a bunch of pallets I want to repurpose into crates and this table would be a good idea to do with the pallet crates.

  74. Would love to win this. I would like to try making a bench for my porch and book shelves for all my books. Winning would certainly make it easier for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. I love what you have done, I probably would have used it as a planter. I would love to make one for a table for the deck. You have such great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  76. I love what you have done but it would have really made a wonderful planter! I would love to make one for a table on my deck. You have such good ideas, thanks for sharing with us.

  77. Love this table! It has sparked my imagination to start working with all those boxes I have been accumulating! Tools would be all I need to get going

  78. Cute cute cute and to think how many of these I threw away back in the day, 60’s, 70’s they were plentiful, now they are all plastic. If I had a drill I would use to repair my m-in-law old porcelain top table.

  79. What a great idea, I am not a very crafty or handy person but I am learning and having the right tools would make it so much easier..would like to build a bench to start with for the foot of my bed.

  80. Lisa Kissner Cooper

    So cute and easy enough for me to try! Now I need to find a Coke crate…or maybe a wine box?

  81. Oh how fun is this. I love it. We are still working on the backyard so lots of things left to do. I could really use those tools, how fun would that be.

  82. What a fun side table for your porch Debbie. I’d love to win… I need me some power tools. It’s time for me to get back to woodworking. Believe it or not, way back when a friend and I used to take a woodshop “class” once a week for several years… I made countless items for my house including a jelly cupboard, a blanket chest (from raw cherry wood), and lots of benches. I have a new “studio” and it NEEDS storage pieces. A drill and saw would be amazing.

  83. What an adorable project!! I pinned it to my woodworking board so that I don’t forget it. Mama has a bunch of these crates in her barn and I’ll bet that she will let me have one to make my own table.

  84. Can not tell you how much I love this! So cute!
    I’m a COKE girl too, so extra love it 🙂 haha

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