As you can see I am enjoying yard sales this year :)

I found these gorgeous cows.

Usually when I find these large pieces they are not in very good shape.

Most of the time, I just turn them into chalkboards.

I moved a few things out and the cows moved in.

They look like they were meant for me :)

It’s so large, I need a bigger table…


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    i thought they were sweet (and that the price was right!), then when I scrolled down and saw them over your table, i was like, “oh, WOW.” :-) great find.

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    I love cow pictures! I know I’ll find one someday at the right price at an estate sale or the flea market. It looks great on your wall.

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    That was a steal at that price and like Carmella commented above, now you MUST continue on your quest for a larger table! Once you find that, no doubt you will need MORE things to put on it. hehehe It’s only logical. :)
    Your Friend,

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    You have that old commercial where you are…… the cows are up in arms… they’ve left their fields and barns…. they’re marching from the farms because kids don’t drink enough milk.


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    Your cow picture is really a nice, large piece, and what a great price. Paintings of cows..or sheep in a pasture are always appealing to me. Great find!

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