Desk Makeover Before and After

Desk Makeover Before and After


Let  me introduce you to Blah…

Turquoise desk makeover #paintedfurniture

Blah with a scratched top…

Turquoise desk makeover #paintedfurniture

What I did:

Removed hardware, lightly sand and stained with dark walnut stain.

Sanded the top and stained with dark walnut.

Cleaned the base, painted 2 coats of a custom mix color.

Glazed with General Finish Van Dyke Brown Water Based Glaze, finished with a water based satin top coat.

Turquoise desk makeover #paintedfurniture

After sanding and staining the top looked flawless, or as flawless as anything that I do ;).
Turquoise desk makeover #paintedfurniture

Before the hardware color was a light stain, after it matched the new dark walnut of the top of the desk.  This hardware was pretty cool, I had never seen any like it with the wood in the middle.  I knew I had to make it work.  I love it when I can reuse hardware.  Turquoise desk makeover #paintedfurniture

I believe there’s hope for every piece of furniture and if all else fails, paint it turquoise or some shade of blue/green!

Here’s another —>> Turquoise Desk:



Turquoise Desk



Need even more ideas, I got several dozen!

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Diy Gallery #paintedfurniture #diyprojects #homedecor


Turquoise Desk Makeover


Have you painted anything lately?

How about turquoise?

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  1. debbie says

    Very nice and great you could use the original hardware with a little tweak. I adore the turquoise desk with the coral knobs, looks great together.

  2. says

    Debbie, you’re about to convince me that I need to let go of my fears of ruining these old pieces of furniture from the old, old days. Your desk makeover is perfect!

  3. Whitney says

    I’m in love! Basically with everything you post! Question…what type of paint did you use on this? I have an old dresser I picked up curbside yesterday and I’m about to tackle it this week. It’ll be my first time re-doing any kind of old furniture (I’ve been too scared but now I’m ready!) and I love the way the paint looks on this.
    Thanks! :)

    • says

      Hi Whitney,
      I would suggest using a chalk based paint for your first project. They are easier. All you have to do is clean your piece well and paint.

      • Whitney says

        Ah! Thank you. I started it yesterday and I am in LOVE with the way it’s coming out! I’m definitely bummed because when I took off the cheap laminate sheet on top and sanded I discovered it’s got like a quarter inch thick piece of cheap wood tacked to the top with no pretty grain to find (I was going to stain it) BUT that’s okay because instead I’m just going to find a contrasting color to make it pop. Thanks again! I’m glad I found your blog to finally give me that final kick of inspiration to go through with completing my project :)

  4. Chelsea H says

    I have a desk waiting for inspiration and I just found it on your page. I’m new to distressing and glazing. Can you tell me the exact name of the water based satin top coat you used? Is there any special way I need to put the glaze on? My dresser looks almost identical to your’s!

    • says

      Hi Chelsea, just follow the directions on your glaze container and you should be fine. I just use a brush to apply and wipe it back after a few seconds. Water-based Minwax polycrylic is what I used for the top-coat. If it’s your first time, I recommend practicing on a smaller piece first. Good luck!

  5. says

    The dresser looks fabulous. Who would have guessed that the before scarred top could turn out so nicely. You always do such nice work. I was painting with ASCP Provence this weekend which is very pretty but not this turquoise colour that you used and that I really like. I may have to go custom and my chalky paint recipe for my next piece.

  6. Rebecca says

    2 coats of a custom mix color – can you tell me exactly what two colours you used and what type?

    Glazed with General Finish Van Dyke Brown Water Based Glaze, finished with a water based satin top coat. – did you wait for the custom colour to dry first?

    I just love the two tone effect and really want to recreate it exactly…would appreciate your feedback

    • says

      Hi Rebecca, the paint was a misstint from Lowe’s. I bought it from their sale rack. They also refer to those as oops paints, I have no idea what the color was. I’m sorry that I can’t help.
      Yes, always wait for your paint to dry before glazing.

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