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Dry-brush Paint Technique

This chair has lived a hard life.  She’s been stuck in the basement for a year or so.  And it’s really not a basement, it’s kinda under the house.  Our back yard is slanted toward the lake and we have a garage door that opens to a damp, dark, crowded storage area.  Sounds perfect for a lonely chair to hang out, doesn’t it!?

I decided, actually Barry decided-hehehe, that it’s time for me to finish some projects.

Originally brown, as you imagined. I decided on a driftwood, dry-brushed  look for the chair.


Dry-brushed driftwood like finish….

Dry brushed

Dry-brush technique

Directions for Dry-brushing

1.  Choose your solid base color.

2.  Choose a color #2  for dry-brushing (I prefer colors that are close to the same shade)

3.  Wax with a white wax

Paint your piece let it dry completely.

For the second coat or the color you’re going to dry brush with, put a small amount on a paper plate.  Dip your brush in it to load.  Wipe your brush on a paper towel.  Lightly, drag your paint brush lightly over the solid color.  Just kissing your piece with the paint brush.

Let this dry completely.

I mix water with my color #2 to create a wash and go over the whole piece to marry the colors.  I apply it and wipe off.

I finished this piece with Miss Mustard Seed’s White Wax.

Light distressing

When everything was dry, I used a sanding block and lightly distressed.

white washed

I wanted it to look weathered.



She’s like a new woman now, sporting her new finish and her drop cloth covered cushions 🙂


  1. Thank-YOU, I never could quit figure out what this meant!!

  2. Looks great! Seriously you need to teach painting as well for Haven next year.

  3. That new woman is sitting proudly now. She has been freed from the dark.

  4. I totally am in love with that chair! I am so looking forward to finding a chair similar to that! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Love how the finish turned out! I need to try some white wax. Did you recover the cushions yourself? Awesome job!

  6. It looks fantastic. Thank you for the tutorial. It’ll give me some inspiration to finish some of my “to-do” projects. 🙂

  7. nice! I’m really diggn’ that!

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