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Farmhouse Love

No matter what design is popular, I always come back to the farm.

Farmhouse Love


Wood, tin, rust (the good kind)…

Here’s the story of how the Farmhouse Wood and Tin 3-Tier Tray saved the day. 

Farmhouse Decor #ad #paintedfox #coffeebar #farm #vintage

At the Funny Farm, we like things easy and convenient.

Farmhouse coffee caddy #farmhousedecor #paintedfox #ad #vintage #refreshrestyle

on the farm, we like our coffee with a little cream…flavored cream.

And we like the cream right beside the coffee maker.
Farmhouse Coffee Caddy #coffeebar #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #ad

When we’re having our coffee, we like to grab a piece of fruit.

Farmhouse Coffee Caddy #coffeebar #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #ad

Coffee Caddy


And on the farm we’re so glad we painted a buffet and turned it in to a beverage center.

The beverage center made things convenient, but…

Farmhouse Coffee Caddy #coffeebar #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #ad

More and more stuff was finding it’s way over there. She needed a little organization.

She loved serving us, but she’d been working overtime in crowded conditions. She was looking sad, every time I walked by she begged to be de-cluttered.

What to do, she only has a little surface space. I need my coffee pot there and the coffee and the cups and the creamer, and, and, and.





  1. So excited to be the winner of the giveaway! I never win anything!!! LOL! So loved visiting at Haven, Debbie! ~Christy

  2. I couldn’t get their page to open so I could browse but I’d love to win something for my new screened porch!

  3. Love the tray!

  4. LOVE the tiered tray!

  5. I love the metal 3-tier tray! It would be perfect for storing fruit. 🙂

  6. What an awesome coffee station! Thank you so much for the introduction to Painted Fox Treasures, oh they have so many wonderful treasures.

  7. I’d like to win the 3 tiered tray

  8. gloria bautista

    I like!!

  9. Great storage solution, my coffee bar sure could use something like this, great find!

  10. That three-tiered tray is da bomb!

  11. the three tiered stand is unique and that is what I would buy.

  12. Oh my, that 3-tier tray is gorgeous! I’m not a coffee drinker but I can think of many ways to put that to use!

  13. I would love the Oval Cast Iron Trivet

  14. I love the distress metal black oval tray ~ it would be fabulous on a dining room table or coffee table.

  15. I’d love one of the tiered trays…so nice when entertaining. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I would love, love, love to win! I am moving in to a new house this weekend!!

  17. I’m loving how you used the three-tiered tray!! I would LOVE one of those…BEAUTIFUL!!

  18. Love the cow sign!

  19. Great giveaway and love your coffee station! I’m loving everything tin these days and they’ve got some neat choices! Thanks for hosting!
    xo Heidi

  20. I love all their light fixtures!!!

  21. Love, love, love this beautiful coffee station. I think the tiered tray would look pretty on my dining table!

  22. LOVE that tray! It would be perfect in my kitchen! Life to the full! Melissa

  23. Wandered over on Kirby’s advice, and she never steers us wrong! That tiered tray is awesome, and I love the owl pair and the trays…ok, I love it all! (am now headed over to your nautical Monday inspiration post!)

  24. I love the vintage inspired blue thermometer

  25. I love the 3 tiered stand and the owls. Thank you for the giveaway.

  26. The hanging wall baskets! I’ve got a spot and contents all picked out. Wish the froggie bottle opener was for sale, too!

  27. I love the lanterns and the pillows.

  28. I would definitely pick the 3 tiered stand, love it?

  29. I love the little owls they have in their shop!

  30. I am not sure of what I would pick…. I want it all!

  31. Hello Debbie,
    A three tiered tray has been on my wish list…so this giveaway is perfect for me. Thanks so much for hosting it.

  32. I would love to win the 3-tiered metal tray. That would work well with my coffee/afternoon refreshment station at my beach condo for guests. I am in the midst of creating a DIY buffet station at present. This would be a delightful addition. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  33. I love this! It’s so pretty and practical!

  34. Love the tiered stand and your coffee bar! Thanks for sharing this new to me site! ~Christy

  35. just love that tiered stand! great giveaway.

  36. Would love that 3 tier stand!

  37. Oh, I would love to win this … So much to pick from!

  38. I would definitely get the three tiered stand. Love it!

  39. I love the three tier stand!!! Anything that adds more storage vertically is a plus!! Great job. Thanks

  40. Ooh! I love the Beatles “Life is Very Short” sign!

  41. I love the little owls.

  42. What a wonderful giveaway! I love what you did with your Debbie.

  43. I love this! I just made a new coffee station for my husband I could use one of these.

  44. So not fair to ask me to pick one thing! I Love it ALL!

  45. I love your coffee station! So cute! Thanks for the giveaway too!


  46. I love the three tiered stand and love the idea of the beverage stand for when guests are over. Great idea.

  47. Marianne Davies

    I would buy the three tiered stand

  48. Oh, so many choices. I love all the lanterns, the little milking stool, and all the 3 tiered stands. Oh, and the arrow bookends. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. I would love to win the 3-tiered tray!

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