Fresh Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower.

Right now my plants look like this:

Pretty sad isn’t it?  Well it’s December and they really put on a show this year.

These beautiful jumbo antique green hydrangeas are from Flower Muse.

They came in a box, totally protected and breath taking.

The tips are wrapped and gelled for freshness, all you have to do is trim a couple inches off the bottom and place in room temperature water.

The toughest part of the whole thing was deciding which containers I’d put these beauties in.

I placed the tall white container on my entry table.  I love decorating with fresh flowers during the holidays, actually any day.

On the coffee table, I used my blue pitcher.  It looks great with the peacock ribbon, fresh greenery and Christmas ornaments.

Outside I placed the hydrangeas in my blue mason jars.  It has been warm in Georgia and we’re still enjoying the porch.

Two of my favorite things in one place :)

I used a large clear vase for the dining table.

I am thrilled with the quality of the hydrangeas from Flower Muse.

Delivered in a box, in perfect condition.

I hope you will check them out.

Thank you Flower Muse for providing all these gorgeous hydrangeas for my review.

All the opinions are mine :)




  1. jenni says

    I’m so jealous…u no I be lovin me some hydrangeas!!! Murphy looks gorgeous in the background with the hydrangeas!!

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