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Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantel with silver and natural elements.

For my mantel this year I used the following:

Paper Mache Deer

Fresh Greenery

Faux Florals

Pine Cones

Vintage Silver Pieces

Hymnal Banner

I love the traditional colors of Christmas. The reds and greens just say Merry to me.

Christmas Mantel with silver and natural elements.

One thing I tried this year was to add a little lime green and blue sparkle to the mantel.  Two colors that I never get tired of.  And this season I’ve been a little obsessed with peacock feathers.

Christmas Mantel with silver and natural elements.

I got this formally gold deer at a yard sale for $1.  He’s made of paper and fits perfectly on the mantel. To freshen him, I used some metallic spray paint.

Christmas Mantel with silver and natural elements.

With fresh holly and greens from the yard I created a holiday wreath for him.

I stood my sugar pinecones in silver pieces to add height and sparkle.

I mixed the silver painted magnolia stems with the faux and real greenery.

I used pages from a yard sale hymnal to print out Joy & Peace.

I am  loving my birthday present from Jamie. She made me this awesome chevron pillow with a glitter reindeer on it!

Thank you Jamie 🙂  She made me an ornament too, I’ll share later, if I ever get my tree up!


Totally different from last year, but I did have a deer up there 🙂

What do you have on your mantel this year?


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  1. Very pretty Debbie. Really love all the fresh greens. My fresh greens are drying out so fast this year (bummer). That was a super good deal on the $1 deer.


  2. I like your idea of using sheets of music for you banner. Did you hand draw the letters? It’s beautiful! I don’t have a mantle but I do think of my desk as a sort of faux mantle.

  3. Debbie this is all just absolutely beautiful! I feel like you need to come over to my house and give me some mantel decor lessons! 🙂

  4. Love the deer. So sweet and your banner is gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful mantel arrangements you have! It really turns fireplace into an eye-catching focal point for the holidays.

  6. Very festive I love the sheet music garland 🙂 I’m not sure what to do with my mantel we have a flat screen so it’s a challenge.

  7. Debbie!
    I was like a deer in the headlights when I saw this mantel – it stopped me in my tracks!!!!

    Love that yard sale find – it definitely benefited from some blingy spray paint!


  8. Debbie,
    Your mantel is gorgeous! I adore the banner, the reindeer, the greenery and pinecones — perfection. My mantel is as bare as the trees in my yard, but you’ve inspired me to start decorating!
    Your Friend,

  9. Looks beautiful, Debbie!! You’ve hit all the right notes with it! Mine is only missing greenery, but it will have to stay that way for a bit — busy, busy! 😉
    xo Heidi

  10. Love your mantel especially the big deer! Happy Holidays!

  11. it looks Christmassy spectacular! love it!!

  12. I love those reindeer! Beautiful job!

  13. Beautiful mantel! I love the reindeer and his festive wreath around his neck!

  14. Debbie,
    Now that $1 deer is a big hit (like how you painted him),and your pinecones are looking good too…BEAUTIFUL!!! Drop by and share with us at NTT.


  15. LOOOVE this! Haha I actually have used the exact same reindeer in my own mantle! (and I’m pretty sure its the same one that John & Sherry @ YHL spray painted red a few years ago too…he’s a popular guy! haha) You did such a fab job glamming it up without making it a nasty guilded mess a-la-dynasty. Beautiful job! (Diggin’ the chevron pillow too! Kinda a lush for chevron!)

  16. That is so beautiful. Your blog has just the right name. All of your posts are really so fresh and beautiful.
    Your works always depict that.

  17. Can you come to my house and decorate my mantel? Feel free to bring all the goodies you use. This year we now have a tv on our mantel so I am struggling. I have a little area to work with but still trying to find something that looks good. Ahh I just always love how you decorate your mantels.

    • Can you hook up your TV to a computer via an HDMI cable? (Or does it have a way to plug in a camera or memory card?) You could always skip the messy painting a chalkboard/canvas and instead play with fun fonts and create a powerpoint/ multiple images that rotates through digital versions of these popular artwork options. Then work with the vertical space you have on either side of the TV with taller pieces to balance it out. A ‘high tech’ mantle would be pretty sweet!

  18. Love it Debbie! Can’t believe you picked up that cute deer for a buck.

  19. So pretty Debbie. Luv the silver and green.
    Come on over and see mine 🙂
    Cheers, Gee

  20. Oh Debbie you outdid yourself this time. Simply gorgeous!

  21. This is so pretty, Debbie. Love the silver mixed in. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Debbie, it’s just gorgeous! You are rocking the silver girl, and I love it!!!! So festive…the deer are my favorites!

  23. This seriously looks like it came out of a magazine. It has me regretting letting my husband talk me into putting a TV over our mantel. I just hope to get the Christmas lights on the tree tonight. Sigh. I know it’s only the third but it feels like it’ll be time to take it all down next week and I am SO behind! Come over! LOL

  24. I love it, Debbie. Love the deer in silver. Beautiful.

  25. Debbie Fresh, this is so pretty! I love that you painted the deer in silver, I think he’s rather “dapper” in silver. The fresh greens really make the whole mantel a showpiece. Awesome job!

  26. Debbie, I love your refreshed deer and its wreath around its neck! Your mantel is beautiful, and I really love those silvered magnolia leaves and peacock feathers! Looking very festive!

  27. Debbie, it is beautiful!! I love all the silver and touch of peacock you added!! Love!! ~ Lori

  28. I love it Debbie! There deer is adorable. I usually have deer on mine too. Not this year it is simple.

  29. What a beautiful mantel for the holiday season. Love that banner. Happy Holidays

  30. What a beautiful mantle….I love the large pine cones and that reindeer was such a find. It looks fabulous in silver. Also loved the peacock feather peeking through the greens( I love the colors)

    Happy Holidays

    Lucky 7 Design

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