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How to Build a Wood Tote – Farmhouse Inspired Toolbox

Out of a piece of scrap wood…

How to Build a Wood Tote – Farmhouse Inspired Toolbox

How to build a farmhouse tote

How to make a shabby chic wood tote

I love the look of vintage wood totes, but they are hard to find and expensive. You can make one with scrap wood and paint.


  • 1 – 1” Dowel
  • 2 – ¼” x 2” – 48” Hobby Board
  • 1” x 8” board at least 48” long (scrap wood)
  • Wood Glue
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Finish nailer with 2” nails
  • Clamps
  • Forstner drill bit
  • drill
  • pencil
  • Sanding block
  • 2 paint colors

Step 1

Cut the 1” x 8” board into 3 pieces:

  • 2 – 12” long (end pieces)
  • 1 –  22 ½” long (bottom)

Miter the top of  the 2 end pieces (1” x 8” x 12”) leave a 2” center and miter at 45°

Measure 1 ½” down from the top of the side pieces, use a 1” drill bit to the depth of ½” for the placement of the dowel.

Cut hobby board into 4 – 24” pieces.

Cut the dowel to 23 ½” long.

Step 2

Attach the 12” side pieces to the outside of the bottom on each end. Using wood glue and finish nails, use clamps to hold in place. Glue the ends of the dowels, place and nail to hold until glue dries.

Attach 2 pieces of hobby board on each side of the box. Leaving a 1” gap between.

Step 3

  • Paint the entire box with your choice of paint.
  • After it dries, layer on a lighter color of paint.
  • Sand areas to create a distressed look.
  • Finish with wax or top coat.

Cutting out the sides of the farmhouse wood tote

How to create a wood tote

Cut list for wood tote

Creating a vintage tote from scrap wood

Glue and nail base of wood tote

Scrap wood tote tutorial

Mason jars and flowers in a wood tool box

Flowers from the yard in mason jars

Farmhouse centerpiece with a wood tool box

Farmhouse centerpiece with a wood tool box

How to make a wood tote, easy DIY

This farmhouse wood tote or vintage like toolbox can be used for so many things! I’ve had towels in it, potted plants and used it to gather things. The sky’s the limit, if you can fit it in, you can tote it anywhere!

Make one!

Put it on a farmhouse table.

Thanks for stopping by!

Let me know if you build one,

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  1. I love this little farmhouse inspired toolbox Debbie! It’s just too darn cute.

    pinning!!! (everywhere)


  2. This is so adorable! I want one so now I will HAVE to make one! I love the mason jars in this. So versatile! Flowers are great and I could also see them filled with utensils for an outdoor meal! Maybe on that farmhouse table. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I always have DL make me a few of these on a random weekend that we don’t have other projects! Now I can make my own! Pinned!

  4. Hey Debbie! We love this DIY tote. We love that it looks so vintage…thanks for the great instructions!

  5. Great Project Debbie!
    I love looking for old tool boxes when I am at flea markets and thrifting. So many possibilities!

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