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How to Clean Silver

Silver tea set

I love to collect silver.

I even hang it on the wall.

dark silver

But when it starts to look like this, I know what to do.

Here’s how I clean my silver:


I get my cotton balls out, put some Tarn-X on them, rub my silver until it shines.

cleaning silver

I rinse it well.

hang it on the wall

Hang it on the wall or

Silver tea set

Put it in the hutch.

Shiny and Clean and Easy, just like that.


  1. Adding Tarn-x to my list because the discoloration is what stops me from picking up pieces that I see at garage sales. You make it look easy to clean and easy I can handle.

  2. That must be a huge amount of work! I’ve tried silver polishes and wore out before the tarnish did. Tarnex is that great a product?! I am truly impressed. Now if hubs can remember where he “put it away:……:-)

  3. I love my Tarn-X too. It’s like total cheater polishing 😉 lol

  4. I need to clean my silver. I walked by some the other day and thought I need to get to cleaning those pieces. Ok now I really need to get to it so it looks all pretty again. I love the idea of hanging it on the wall as art. Hmm now you have me thinking.

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