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How to reFresh a Wardrobe

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TV Armoire

She was a beautiful tv armoire.

But deep down inside, she wanted to be a wardrobe.

tv armoire

She wanted her details to show.

tv armoire

She wanted that gaping hole in her back to be filled with bead-board.


She wanted baskets.


So I listened to her, gave her what she wanted.


And do you know what she did, she left me.

She went to live in someone’s guest room.

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    17 thoughts on “How to reFresh a Wardrobe”

    1. I so love everything that you do and I wish I could slowly redo all of my furniture to look like old brought back to life furniture. B love your site blog emails everything. Very overwhelming for a new comer cause there is soooo much great ideas.
      Renee from Edmonton Canada

    2. She really didn’t look like the love ’em and leave ’em type. But then again, you give a lady that awesome of a makeover and well, she’s bound to be a guest in somebody elses room.

    3. Oh my, what beautiful details. I love the beading, and the beautiful paint finish really shows them off. I’m new here, not sure how I just now found your blog, but so glad I did!


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